Love begets Love


With the dawn of the new millennium-by n’ large-almost every soul saw in the mind’s eye that in the wake of covet for amity and loathing towards skirmish-people around the globe-explicitly the big power(s) would opt for a circuit which would evaporate all odds of a nightmarish scenario by espousing a pragmatic mindset. That the trillions from exchequers’-being splurged on the acquisition of cataclysmic type arsenal-would end at once to bring peace, progress n’ prosperity for domains-all around-as in most of the environs, guiltless populace is in hunt for a loaf of bread-what to talk of butter for their survival-their bona fide birth right.

Paradoxically their dream for an affluent way of life could not be translated into a reality-perceptibly-due to agonistic outlook of ‘the men who-under duress-rule the world’ today as the masters of each ones’ destiny. Not only that the clear-cut mandates of the United Nations are being blatantly flouted day-after-day, a pandemonium-like setting is being glued, opening a Pandora’s Box for the generations to come-irrespective of the colour, cast, creed or credo. Is it an apposite way for the global opulence? 

 If not why the milieus are not being averted by eschewing lust for hegemony n’ egotism-by applying a singular yardstick-based on equilibrium? Why a reign of horror, revulsion n’ nausea is being cheered? Such a frame of mind is not only a full-size admonishes for the world-specifically-the civilized one but also a pointer of a luckless times ahead.

The big powers’ itchiness now stands quiescent in the folios of history-which shall visibly never rejuvenate. Applying a down-to-earth loom, a fact which comes into sight is that there is now only one super power-the United States, which is copiously skilled to ward off every perilous course-wherever it persists. May it be Iraq, North Korea, Palestine, Chechnya or Kashmir-provided Washington plumps for a straightforward intent? No one can rebuff the factuality that US-if goes for peace the world over-the pushy problematic state of affairs, overcastting the horizons in miscellaneous areas with risks of illogical n’ irrational feuds shall vanish in a jiffy. Instead of taking over the world body, it-as a big brother-a pretender of human rights is ought to switch its full-scale energies for instantaneous solution of the longed issues-by setting aside the un-finished agenda of Bush, the Senior-which had eventually proved fruitless.

Such a stance results into nothing except mortification-especially for a dazzling nation like the United States. Its crusade against terrorism-in all forms and manifestations-may protract unabated, yet it must acknowledge that every state is crowned with ‘sovereignty’-an elementary icon, without which no one can live with dignity n’ honour. With this perception, it is mandatory for the United States to trail the policy of ‘live and let others’ live-irrespective of their size n’ belief. Nonetheless it must come out-in a zestful way-to resolve the issues of Palestine and Kashmir-where hundreds of thousand vulnerable civilians are being targeted with inhuman atrocities-day n’ night-at  the behest of Zionist lobbies-the Israelis n’ Indian warlords-solely for raising their legitimate voice-the right of self-determination to affix their destiny, as enshrined in the UN Charter as well as pledged through the spirited resolutions of the world-body-which were follow-up resolutions which-ironically-remain unimplemented and contemptuous so far.

Isn’t it a slur for the UN-which came into being for global peace rather than giving a boost to conflicts? At the same time what would the super power conquer by incapacitating Iraq [just for the sake of Tel Aviv’s sanctuary and to fortify its ferocious motives against Muslims] as well as gratuitous surveillance on North Korea’s suspected nuke sites? Two years of the 21st century have gone with a spell of panic and the third one has surfaced. Wouldn’t it be apt for the Anglo-US flipside United Nations to espouse  a composed n’ sagacious view of the objective realities by taking firm steps to avoid all sorts of conflagrations-which would in the long run-go  in no ones’ interest and instead would jeopardise the universal fate. Let it be couched by Washington -in unequivocal stipulations-that it too will not escape the awful bang of war-wherever it erupts and whatever its magnitude may be in any spot of the orb. 

 Its also indispensable for the US Congress to ponder over the insinuation of war analytically rather than falling prey to Bush administration’s rhetoric about the ostensible intimidation-being directed towards the United States and its ‘friends-cum-allies’ by any one-as no one can-be sure-dare do so due to the lofty stature of ‘the de facto master’ of the current era.

Every one anticipates that with the advent of the New Year, President Bush would-expectantly-alter his precedence for taking this planet towards synchronization for certifying the pre-eminence of that United States in all perspectives, which can help usher in an epoch of magnificence n’ splendour-all around by getting into the process of amiable communiqué with everyone  via brisk solution of all the hazardous topics-with the Kashmir dispute atop to establish the fact the erudite dominions like America-truthfully love peace n’ hate all sorts of mélée-in whatever fashion they exist even in a petite corner around the world. Such a gesture from astute societies specifically from the United States and Britain is not too difficult to be expected and one expects that with a amicable approach they will initiate a crusade for peace and harmony to achieve the cherished goal of ameliorating the lot of the mankind in a swift way instead of enormous spending of their national wealth on useless trends of destructive weapons – posing a threat to humanity in the present day life.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV.