Let us offer our sympathy for the victims of the Pro-War Lobby

It must be really difficult for those advocating Americans benevolent intention towards Iraq. Since the vast majority of the world population including a significant section of her own remains unconvinced. Despite advocating “democracy” you have ignored the opinions of the majority but simultaneously you are trying to dictate the same to Iran, with your “elected” president. Real dilemma! Your pain must be traumatic at times, when he is unable to construct sentences, and his shady dealings are exposed. Like all chicken hawks he avoided the war drafts yet does not hesitate to call others cowards, even the ones who sacrifice their lives. How difficult it must be to liberate the Iraqis with Bombs and Missiles, then having to “sell” their oil on their behalf through your own Multinational firms!


To date these ungrateful Arabs are not coming forward to show any kind of appreciation, even though you chose to “liberate” the Iraqis over the long suffering Palestinians. Even your media like CNN, Sky or FOX have yet to conduct a poll asking the ordinary Iraqis how they feel about liberation, in an attempt to vindicate you. Since the earlier media staged destruction of Saddam’s statute by a handful marines, reporters and Chalabi’s men has not convinced anybody. After all you were waging the war on behalf of the Iraqis, even though you never consulted them, but simply assumed their support, which is natural since what is good for America must be good for the world. We know that you had the painful memory and record of providing Saddam with WMD in the past, but you must be suffering like those Iraqis who have lost their hearts and minds in not finding these WMD, and making the world a safer place.


Now you are dealing with the “terrorists” in Palestine. You must be wondering in agony why do these Arabs insist on having their land back through violence. Why don’t they just accept what the Israelis give them or move across to Jordan like the Red Indians did as they made way for your ancestors (“settlers”). We also sympathize with your long struggle to uphold human rights values, even though you have few people locked away without legal representation or charge including old men and children, like some third world dictator. Now you are even considering them for execution. Some have tried to taint your sincere effort to uphold human rights values by making allegations of your support for various brutal dictators like Pol Pot, Saddam, Pinochet.


You wonder why these ungrateful Arabs view you as state terrorists even though you made a few mistakes in past. You thought the only Pharmaceutical factory in Sudan was a chemical factory producing Chemical Weapons, or the huge civilian airliner that was shot down in “error”. It is not your fault when your soldiers got a bit carried away in popping those retreating defenseless Iraqis (civilian and military) to Basra after they had already crossed the border from Kuwait. But you let that go, as you were more worried about the future of those poor impoverished Kuwaitis. Even if a few hundred thousand Ayeraabs (rag heads) were killed, but you cannot compare that to the 3000 American lives.

The writer is a Graduate in Chemistry from London University and Technical Director. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from the United Kingdom.