International Court of Justice: Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Middle East Peace

The International Court of Justice’ decision on the legality of Israel’s security wall should not be looked upon with derision and mocked by either Israel, or the United States. It should be viewed and seized upon as the best opportunity to ensure and deploy peace in the expanded Middle East region ever.

The solution is simple for Israel and the United States. Simply tie removal/rerouting of the wall into an expanded peace initiative for the Middle East. The opportunity for stability and peace in the Middle East has never been greater for all of the countries in the region, every single one can benefit, and thusly the entire world. This ICJ decision can be the catalyst for all of the countries in the region to embrace peace and security and a lead for the United States to follow.

It can be demanded and effectively expected that every country in the region must pledge full and unfettered peace, security and full diplomatic and economic relations with Israel in exchange for concessions on the part of Israel in light of the ICJ decision on the wall and other critical security factors in the Middle East obstructing peace and stability in the region.

This can be a momentous and monumental opportunity seized upon by all.

All countries in the Middle East must align to pledge full peace and accord with Israel, supported by United Nations General Assembly and Security Council resolutions. Every country simultaneously then must cease and prohibit nuclear weapons development programs and open their doors to the IAEA. Every resistance and opposition entity fighting against Israel then must disband and disarm. In return Israel must give up the barrier as being built and if it must have a wall, deploy it strictly following the Green Line, not one centimeter outward. Israel must destroy its nuclear weapons and dismantle its nuclear weapons program. Israel then must choose between a one state solution, thereby eliminating need for a wall, or returning the entirety of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Palestinians allowing for full right of return. Every nation in the world can pledge full financial support to the Israelis and Palestinians in either regard to ensure full implementation, compliance and success.

It can be expected that the United States would use its veto as a method to prevent any actions against Israel and the leaders of the world, through the United Nations, must be prepared to stand up to this belligerence, cast aside this biased and prejudicial veto and demand that both the U.S. and Israel accede to the will of the rest of the world in full compliance. Any belligerence and reluctance, from any nation, including the United States and Israel, to follow a United Nations peace accord for the Middle East, will subject that violator to suspension from the United Nations and suspension of all diplomatic relations and a full international trade embargo until in full agreement and accord. Enduring peace and stability in the Middle East benefits and behooves every single nation on earth.

It is well beyond the time for the politicians and leaders of the world to listen to the people of the world and act upon their collective will; the world must have peace and we demand that those in a position to do so must be prepared to take forceful and empowered steps to achieve that goal.

The entirety of Arabia and Israel can have peace and enduring security and economic prosperity without hostilities, or the need for nuclear weapons.