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Talk of Palestinian reconciliation

"Israel's position regarding Hamas or the upcoming reconciliation talks is unclear. In general, Israelis are opposed to this reconciliation, as exemplified by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement that Palestinians must choose between Hamas or peace. Not that the Israeli prime minister was making any serious peace offers, but the right-wing Israeli government has shown in recent months a more pragmatic side to it....The Israeli-Hamas prisoner exchange and the indirect negotiations, through Egypt, with the aim of stopping rockets coming from Gaza show that Tel Aviv is not totally opposed to an understanding that includes Hamas."

Libya and Palestine

"Libyans have a unique opportunity of creating the basis for a new progressive and forward-looking country that respects human rights and applies democratic values. Palestine and Libya have much in common and will certainly work together to improve their two societies....In the past decades the chances of Palestinians being liberated were equal to those of South Africans and the Irish. Now Tunisians, Egyptians and Libyans are free yet Palestine is still not free."

Tyranny of the majority is upon us; what do we do...

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard." -- U.S. journalist H.L. Mencken

Inching closer to unity

"The demonstrators --save for the faithful few hundred who held fast to their positions --ended up in one of the two trenches. In Gaza, witnesses say plain-clothed Hamas security men beat and chased the demonstrators and in Ramallah, slogans went from "the people want an end to the split and an end to the occupation" to "Abu Mazen [Abbas], we are your men."

Israeli pressure must be resisted

"...Jerusalem can be an open city and at the same time the capital of two states, a home to both Palestinians and Israelis and with free access between east and west...In such a case, Jerusalem, now one of the main causes of friction and violence between Palestinians and Israelis, could instead become a prime example of reconciliation, peace and coexistence."



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