India – the fast fading image of a secular and democratic country

An earlier un-known ‘militant outfit’  Lashkar-e-Jabbar has issued a warning to women in Indian-held Kashmir to wear the burqa (veil) or face dire consequences.

This disinformation is a part of campaign to create an image of Kashmiris similar to hardliner Talibans and get West’s favour to hide the systematic genocide in Kashmir.

This is actually not a religious issue but simply a psychological warfare started by Indian government to distract the world’s attention from the main issue of Kashmir liberation.

The decree is a clever trick of the Indians and their agents to harass women in occupied Kashmir and hurt the unrelenting popular uprising for freedom there.

For a long time now, the Indians have been trying frantically to paint the Kashmiri freedom movement as a narrow-based, violent movement of religious fanatics.

Freedom movements, no matter how popular, cannot hope to succeed in the present-day world without the support of one half of their population, namely women.

The Indians are out to portray the Kashmiri freedom movement as nothing but a fundamentalist movement, so as to silence international criticism of its use of brute military force to suppress the popular uprising.

This is India’s malicious propaganda campaign and similar to kidnapping of a group of Western tourists in the Valley by the unknown Al-Faran outfit in the mid-1990s. It is only now that a German human rights group has come out with a report supporting the publicly articulated suspicions of the Hurriyat leadership and the fighters groups that the outfit was actually an Indian-sponsored outfit. 

The Kashmiri Muslim women, like their sisters everywhere, know perfectly well what are their religious obligations and responsibilities, including in the matter of dress.

The edict of a dubious outfit, brainchild of the cunning opressor, is nothing but more pain for the Kashmiri women, thousands of whom have already lost their husbands, sons and loved ones to the bullets and atrocities of the marauding Indian soldiers and many of whom have also fallen victim to their sexual harassment and molestation.

In these difficult circumstances, this dress code edict is simply misplaced, if not a deliberately planted red herring.

But it will be a mistake on the part of New Dehli to think that this foul play will last long. India has no choice but to resolve Kashmir issue in a civilised way as these dirty tricks will distort further India’s fast fading image of a secular and democratic country.