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The Israel Palestinians Know

"...when Israeli commentators balk at comparisons between the Arab spring and what some have dubbed the Israeli spring, they should think again. True, the Israeli government does not crush its own people in their protest of housing prices. That sort or repression is what Arab peoples have been rebelling against in the first place. But they shouldn’t balk too much. Just cross the “border” into Palestine and Israel has a whole new face. The sort of crack down seen in Gaza, in Nabi Saleh, in Hebron and in Bilin is not too far from the scenes of repression we all cringed from in Tahreer Square, in Diraa, Syria or in Sana, Yemen. Here, Israel is not the democracy the Israelis praise or the world sees on the streets of Tel Aviv. Here is the Israel the Palestinians know. Here is repression at its worst."

Strategic Thinking needed to juggle Israeli-Palestinian equation

"Palestinian unity, the political boost that would come from a strong U.N. vote and an expanded mass non-violent resistance effort in the occupied territories -  just might help to do the trick. It would give the Palestinians  a much needed shot in the arm and it would force the Israelis to debate and rethink their policies and the costs associated with their behaviors. On the other hand, listening to the U.S. and backing away from reconciliation, and dropping the U.N. vote (in much the same way the P.A. listened to the U.S. and initially dropped the U.N. human rights report on the Gaza War) - would be devastating to the Palestinian leadership, would only serve to further embolden Israeli hardliners,  and would, in the end,  make peace even more remote than it is today."

Days like these keep Palestine alive

"Israel tries to avoid days that commemorate Al Nakba and Al Naksa, not because it is worried about the loss of Palestinian life, but because it does not want the truth it has tried to distort for so many years to reach the world. And each time television screens bleep images of unarmed Palestinians resisting gun-toting, teargas throwing and baton wielding Israel soldiers trying to stop people from returning to their rightful homes, that truth will gradually seep its way into the minds and consciousness of the world’s citizens."

Proud to be Palestinian

"...the most moving scene by far was of Palestinian refugees living in the squalid camps of Syria and Lebanon marching on the barbwire borders with Israel, Palestinian flags raised high above their heads. In Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, throngs of Palestinians and Syrians breached the border, hugging and kissing their occupied Syrian compatriots from whom they have been separated for 30 years. “Long live Palestine!” they yelled as they embraced. “Welcome home,” others cried. “You are free.”

Remember – (Poem)

"don’t know
what runs through
someone’s veins
before that trigger
is pulled
what excuse
what idea
oxygen to enter
that motion"



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