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A radicalizing factor

"Most international agencies, especially those of the United Nations working in the occupied territories, have called upon Israel to end this blockade for both political and humanitarian reasons. The reconciliation agreement between Fateh and Hamas, which is supposed to produce a new technocrat government comprised of independent professionals affiliated with neither movement, is a golden opportunity for everybody, including Israel, to end this blockade and allow the new government to ensure the flow of products and passengers between the West Bank and Gaza, and from the occupied territories abroad."

A fate foretold

"There is no doubt that the Palestinian side needs to do more in terms of internal security in order to contribute to the success of his mission, but by putting up unnecessary obstacles to his mission, ultimately it is Israel that is discrediting itself. Yet, what is still lacking is the necessary political will on behalf of the international community to truly empower Wolfensohn to implement his program. If the international community does so, it will help both Palestinians and Israelis."

Madonna, Mr. Big and Richard Gere

"With all her moves from Sex Goddess to Yoga diva to children's author to British den mother to an endorser of Wesley Clark didn't dim the willingness of the "Israeli street" to question her newfound Kabbalah addiction and for religious Jews to dismiss her use of Judaism as a cheap marketing ploy."

Israel & Iraq

"In 1948 Americans could go in peace anywhere in the Muslim world. Today the opposite is true - courtesy of America’s being a lackey of the State of Israel."

Ear to the Ground: Okie from Muskogee protests Big Media and...

Yet more evidence of sanity in the heartland yesterday as country music icon Merle Haggard , famous until now for his pro-war, pro-America anthems, "Okie from Muskogee" and "The Fightin...



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