Employment is provided for poor family members in remote villages

Employment is provided for poor family members in remote villages


During the trip to Namangan region, the Head of the state became familiar with the project for construction of a greenhouse complex on the territory of Baland Adir microdistrict in Chartak district.

In the context of the pandemic Uzbekistan focuses on social support for population and job creation.

During the last year’s visit to Namangan region, the President gave instructions on employment of unemployed people who need social protection for their families and providing them with a stable source of income. In order to fulfill these tasks, regional khokimiyat together with the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, is implementing One Thousand Greenhouses in One Place project.

The project of creating a thousand greenhouses – each on 2 acres – on 36 hectares of unused hilly land is carried out in partnership with Golden Nuts Namangan LLC. 

6.7 billion UZS subsidies from Employment Assistance Fund and 6.3 billion UZS preferential loans from commercial banks are allocated for implementation of the project worth 13 billion UZS.

Currently, 800 greenhouses with a capacity of 7,000 tons of vegetables per year have been built and transferred to owners. It is expected that the remaining 200 greenhouses will be commissioned by the end of July.

The advantage of this project is that based on the principle of “One District – One Product”, high-quality export-oriented products will be grown in one place, and poor families will receive a stable source of income and employment. They will be provided with seedlings, water and fertilizers.

Thus, at present, Chartak district employs 800 low-income family members.

The President was informed in detail about advantages and opportunities of this project.

Thus, up to three crops may be grown in a greenhouse on 2 acres. In particular, 700 tomato bushes were planted in one of the greenhouses. Each bush will yield an average of 4-5 kilograms of product. Today, when the average price for 1 kilogram of tomatoes is 3000 UZS, you can get 7-8 million UZS from the first harvest.

Within the framework of the project, the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations also organized a monocenter for training members of socially vulnerable families in agricultural professions. Every year, the center will train more than 2000 unemployed people in such areas as lemon growing (in greenhouses), breeding rabbits, beekeeping, fish farming and animal husbandry.

About 200 thousand people live in Chartak district. The number of unemployed is more than 7 thousand.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted the need for continuing systematic work to ensure employment of the population. It was noted that it is necessary to create at least ten thousand jobs.

“Our people should feel the results of reforms”, said the Head of the state. “We need to create a system that they will be happy with”.

Projects were presented on poverty reduction, ensuring employment in the region, organization of LLC Golden Nuts Namangan, intensive gardening (growing walnuts, almonds, apples and cherries), animal husbandry and milk processing. The implementation of these projects will create hundreds of new jobs.

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