Regions modernize agriculture, science and innovation

Regions modernize agriculture, science and innovation


President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has visited Pap district, in Namangan region. The head of the state got acquainted with the activities of fruit and vegetable cluster Nuran Uz.

Pap is the largest district of Namangan region. A program for development of stony lands in the district was developed in accordance with the relevant resolution of the President on reclamation of agricultural lands withdrawn from circulation.

According to the program, LLC Nuran Uz organized a fruit and vegetable cluster on 1885 hectares of hilly land in Pap district. In spring this year, apricot was planted on 100 hectares, cherries on 70 hectares, and a vineyard on 12 hectares was created.

Magador, Maryblon 29c and Flopria apricots imported from Spain began to bear fruit already in two months. The garden will yield a full crop next year and bring up to 70 tons of fruit. This means the ability to export fruits worth $50 thousand per hectare.

The owners of the cluster do not stop there, planted melons and watermelons in the aisles. Melons are exported to Russia and other countries.

This is the first phase of the project out of two. In the next phase, scheduled for 2021-2022, another 1,455 hectares will be developed.

After the full implementation of the project, 350 jobs will be created and it is planned to export fruits and vegetables worth $10 million annually.

It was not easy to create a landscaped garden on these abandoned lands. Thanks to the cluster, effective technologies were introduced and soil fertility increased. This, of course, is the result of efforts undertaken in Uzbekistan to develop unused lands, turning them into a source of income for the population.

The Head of the state inspected the garden, talked with representatives of the older generation, agricultural workers.

It was noted that districts of Namangan region should be specialized in cultivation of certain crops, including Kasansay, Chartak, Yangikurgan districts, in horticulture.

“We have no other choice. We have rich land, we must use this, show Namangan as an example for other regions, awaken people. We will provide with land, seeds, seedlings, funds, the rest depends on the efforts of the people themselves. We will not be able to get the desired result without this”, the President said.

A discussion of projects and plans for development of the agricultural sector in Namangan region took place here. The Head of the state emphasized the importance of applying new approaches to agriculture, which will reveal new facets and open the way for new opportunities for the country.

Responsible persons were instructed to prepare a draft resolution on specialization of districts of the region for specific crops, taking into account their climate and capabilities.

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