Color me Palestine

Color me blue
As blue as my sea
At Galilee.
Color my fields,
Full of poppies and wind flowers,
Vibrant green.

Color my children
Sweet and pure like my berries
That grow wild and free
In my fertile valleys.

Color my sky turquoise
Tinged with puffs of gently rolling clouds.
Color my undulating hills
Bursts of a rainbow of hues
Standing proud beneath
My Palestinian sun.

Color the tears of my womenfolk
Red like the blood of my fallen martyrs
Color my streets crimson
Etched in crayon clutched by orphaned hands.

Color my Palestinian sons
Symbols of courage
For all men wishing to be free.

Color my refugees mournful
Strumming their lives out on Arab guitars.
Color my stars bright, twinkling…
Promising something yet to come
But color my mood

Color my newly pitched tents
On the ruins of demolished homes
As black as the shrouds that cover my dead.

Color my bandana
Holding up my fortitude
And my banner of freedom,
As green as the hills
As red as the blood
That waters my hallowed ground
As black as the shrouds that bury my dead.

Color my staff
As strong as my perseverance
Color my feathered lance
The coo of purple pigeons
The color of liberty
The color of me
The color of my flag
The color of happiness
The color of peace
The color of hope.
Color me Palestine