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US Mass Murders Smack of Social War

"The US government has ravenously waged wars in different parts of the world, spent inexcusable sums of money from the common purse, relegated the decent middle class society members to the deplorably destitute creatures, hauled the poor into the abyss of misery, shown no respect for human dignity either abroad or at home and executed the souls of the young generation hoping for a bright future."

Leaving Afghanistan by Staying

"The agreement requires that all "entities" involved in a peace process renounce violence, but the Taliban will no more do that while under foreign occupation than the United States will do so while occupying.  This is not a serious plan to leave.  Nor is it a plan based on Afghan sovereignty, numerous claims to the contrary notwithstanding.  This is a treaty for more years of war, on the model of the Bush-Maliki treaty for Iraq, but with the difference that theirs included an end date."

Not only time will be lost

"Jordan and other Arab countries that supported this last initiative in Amman now have even greater responsibility and obligation to explain to the other interested parties that Israel has proven reluctant to grasp this opportunity for actual engagement. They need to help communicate the message that simply extending these talks without changing their substance and without encouraging the partners, especially Israel, to engage in a way compatible with international law will not bring about any better chances for peace."

Bridging the Divide

"The students who are fortunate enough to be a part of this experience are being connected to the world in a very personal way and out of this experience a new generation of global leaders is being created. And because these students are being transformed by their encounters here, they will be better able to heal the many divides they face in our increasingly complex world."

Gaddafi dead: What next?

"The question that arises here is: how can Gaddafi's death benefit the Libyans on their path to democracy?....With the West consolidating their foothold in the country and the US carving out the fate of the Libyans, there leaves little room for a bright horizon for the country until the people unite together and decide for themselves."



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