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Fighting for Jerusalem, Book by Book

"The onus does not fall solely on the Palestinian schools in east Jerusalem facing the brunt of the pressure but also on the Palestinian Authority to fight for Jerusalem. This is primarily a matter of education but it is also about our political will. If Israel gets its way, it would have cemented one more tool supporting the claim that Jerusalem is part of Israel. This is something we as Palestinians cannot accept no matter the pressure. First grade teachers, unite and teach the young minds before you the beautiful colors of Palestine."

Off to the Land of the Percopotomus – (Short Story)

"As dusk fell, the orange moon rose in the maroon sky. An eagle spread its wings and flew off into the horizon. Stars twinkled and one seemed to wink at me. Hardy and I kept moving until we grew weary of our long trek. I heard the trickle of water and steered my ride towards the direction of the sound. Sure enough, a small spring bubbled up out of the ground. I tethered Hardy and we made camp for the night. Over an open fire, I brewed a cup of coffee in my old tin pot. Hardy munched on clumps of brush and I chewed on some jerky Mentor had packed for me.  Visions of what a percopotomus looked like danced in my head and soon, to the tune of wild birds and stars blinking of wonders to come, I fell asleep."

Allama Iqbal — Is The Sky Yours or Mine? (Poetry)

It’s this star, scintillating, that lights your creation.
Whose loss is it – the fall of Man? Is it yours or mine?

Dead Sea – (Poem)

"If you look close enough,
If you look deep enough
Into the waters of the Sea
Natives say you can see"

Dubious Praise for ‘The Daily Show’

"If -- as the New York Times soberly reported in the article -- "straight news programs cannot" tackle the "big issues of the day" while "speaking truth to power," we should ask a key question: Why not?"



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