An Open Letter to General Musharraf – Self-elected President of Pakistan


General Sahib!

I have read in recent newspapers that Pakistan has handed over parts of Karachi Airportt to U.S. forces. The American FBI agency has established their desks at all International airports in Pakistan. I felt real disgusted after reading the story of FBI raiding a Jeddah-bound Haj flight and let it fly after FBI agents carried out body searches and checked the documents of several Ihram wearing pilgrims in a manner which they found extremely humiliating. Letting a foreign agency free play on Pakistani soil  is a very questionable issue.

The famous Hotel Midway House at Quaid-e-Azam International Airport in Karachi is now fully occupied by U.S. forces and they have established a radar and communication system with the capability of bugging the nearby Pakistan Air Force’s Faisal Base.

The Central Command of the U.S. forces has already announced that it will not evacuate the Pakistani bases it currently has in Balochistan “in the near future”, and it is seeking to make this presence permanent.

Pakistan has barely survived an Indian aggression on the price of abandoning all type of support to Kashmir cause. Generals rhetoric on Kashmir will be tolerated for keeping him popular in Pakistani public.

All nuclear projects are frozen and all renowned scientists are fired.

The foreign reserves have artificially improved marginally by re-scheduling the debt payments but overall economy has dived down.

Mr. President- your justifications for joining US- led coalition – sovereignty, Kashmir cause , nuclear assets and economy – have all back-fired. The western media despite your utter failures is portraying you as a super star of Asian politics, but my dear General, they always do it for their puppets on chain until they are no longer useful for their interests. You predecessor, General Zia was also hero of their war against Soviet Union, and once war was over only his jaws were found which were later laid to rest in the corner of Saudi built Faisal Mosque in Islamabad.

General Sahib – you are no different than any other army presidents of the past, you have already served them very well by doing enough damage to this country. Please pardon this nation and resign at your earliest to let true people’s representative rule this country.

Your system of Nazims – root level democracy- has miserably failed. Please don’t make Pakistan a laboratory for experimenting General Naqvi formulas. This country has a consensus 1973 constitution, please revive it and exit gracefully. That will be a great favor with Pakistan, its people and institutions.

History tells that no general in power listens to voice of people until his unnatural disgraceful exit. But I have a false hope that you will listen to my humble and sincere suggestion.