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Pakistan’s Opportunity to Pivot to Eurasia

Nothing remains constant in life; change is inevitable. How people manage change determines whether the outcome would be positive or disastrous. This is also...

Will Imran Khan be Able to Translate Promises into Action?

With the federal government as well as two of the four provinces—Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab—under his belt, Imran Khan, leader of the Pakistan Tehrik-e...

Quota System – Tool of Divide and Rule Sindh

"If the present government of PPP understands that this Quota System based on Urban and Ruler division of Sindh is so good for the development of the ruler areas of the Sindh then why don’t they create new and permanent provincial borders on the basis of the same division and prove that this will even better forever for the people of rural areas. As when rural area will get a status of a separate province then they will get exclusive funds for the province with full government in power. But if they claim they don’t want to divide Sindh then they should not continue to divide Sindh on the basis of language."

New U.S. Tactical Strategy and Drones Attacks

"There is no iota of doubt that this drone business is going on unabated with the complete acquiescence of the Pakistani incumbent rulers otherwise they would have taken some effective measures against this very cruel operation of a Super Power, violating all international laws, morals and ethics."

A Unique "Islamic Republic"

"...in Pakistan some 2% of population owns some 80% of the wealth. If this is an Islamic Republic then I would be happier in a sweaper non-Islamic but more egalitarian pariah state....Such is the love for Islam that Islam is discovered by this country's elite only when US Dollars are required or the elite is under threat."



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