American Military Intelligence to Prisoners – Make Love, Not War

To begin to understand the goings on with regard to American treatment of detainees, one must begin to sort through the nefarious web of American myopias, disfunctions, idyosyncracies, sexual perversions, delusions, and the "beyond simple" mind-set of the current U.S. President, who thinks that Americans are defending the ‘civilized world" against "terrorists".

Perhaps this concept of the "civilized world" is related to the sexual intoxication of the American people, and the manipulation of this intoxication by corporations and public relations media for profit. In this context, perhaps the treatment of Iraqi prisoners makes a macabre sort of sense. Perhaps the military intelligence community is trying to demonstrate to the Iraqi detainees that they should make "love, not war". Implementing of this mind-set could result in Iraqis being forced to masturbate for pleasure during detention, or to watch consensual sex between U.S. military personnel, as has been reported in this week’s news. Perhaps this is how the "civilized" world of America’s military operates towards detainees. It is only a step further to incorporate the media love of homo-sexuality ("Queer Eye for the Straight Guy", etc.) into military-based detention activities such as forcing Iraqi men to engage in homosexual acts, again as part of connecting the Iraqis to the "civilized" world, (the U.S). With Iraqi detainees coerced into sexual activities, the American "civilization" is thus being spread into the austere world of Islam, which is so "uncivilized" that anal sex is frowned upon and women are not even normally allowed to bear their lovely faces, much lest their breasts to the world at large.

The American mind-set associates love with sex, and often considers them interchangeable. Making love means stimulation, copulation, masturbation, peace between nations.

American Senator Tom Delay certainly seems to have this "civilized" view of American detention practices towards Iraqis. Senator Delay thought his fellow congress-people were "over-reacting" to the photos they were shown this week. Presumably, Senator Delay loves the "civilized" approach to dealing with Iraqis and would like to go over to Baghdad at the next opportunity and demonstrate his own "love" for Iraqi detainees, in the civilized manner under discussion.

The theme song of the intelligence community in this matter is: "If Loving You is Wrong, I Don’t Want to Be Right". The American military and the Republican Party and the Bush Administration are closely connected to the Religious Right, which is caught in a contradiction, because the Religious Right normally publicly frowns on homosexual behavior and promiscuous sex. But, as is so often the case, public disapproval is often a camouflage for private practice, and many Republicans in Government have proved to be sexually promiscuous and willing to live by double standards, including people like the late John Tower, ex-Senator Robert Packwood, and the Log Cabin Republicans, who have volunteered for guard duty in the Iraqi prison system.

In review, America is trying to bring "civilization" to Iraq and other "terrorist" nations. By doing so, America has correlated making love, not war with sexual debauchery and inflicted a sexual regime upon Iraqi detainees. American male soldiers have tried to refrain from raping female American soldiers in order to engage in consensual public sex for the benefit of "civilizing" Iraqis. Soon, American XXX-rated bookstores will be set up all over Iraq to extend the spread of "civilization".

America’s obsession with sex is part of its "civilization". America’s military is simply a reflection of the larger society. America’s president wants to spread American civilization, and is using the American military and its sexual soldiers to spread civilization. Who could object to that?

Of course, not all Iraqis want to be civilized. And we have biting dogs and "water boards" and night-sticks and electric generators and many other techniques for those people, who clearly just do not "get it."