A plea for the life of Saddam Hussein

The cable news has just reported that the United States has handed Saddam Hussein over to the Iraqi government. My heart is burdened by the mere thought of his death. How will Muslims kill a man whose death will so please our common enemy? Why would we silence a voice that must have something to say that is of greater benefit than his death? I keep asking myself what will be achieved by killing Saddam Hussein, and the only answer I get is that we have reached a point in Muslim history where can choose at once to be free of the imperial powers, and turn back to God, or continue to be their weapon of mass destruction against our own ummat. Why should it be the hands of Muslims that spill his blood, even though for certain the right is ours? It is eerily too much like the civil wars and other acts of self destruction hoisted upon us by our enemies. Not only do they have us killing one another in Iraq, and Palestine, and Somalia, now they also want us to kill their old friend turned foe, Saddam Hussein.

For sure Saddam Hussein is guilty of crimes, and yes, I believe like many others that he oversaw torture and rape and other crimes against his own people, and for that he should be punished. Yet, we must ask ourselves if death is a punishment for Saddam Hussein or a relief, and if his death will be of more benefit to the ummat than his life. I believe that the Muslim ummat would benefit more from his life. In my opinion, Saddam Hussein knows now what many people already knew and that is that the false god he worshipped has left him in the lurch, and fled, laughing at him, and urging us on to kill him so that his soul will begin its journey toward hell, except for the mercy and grace of God. There is no victory for any Muslim in Saddam Hussein’s death, there is only victory for those who used him, and tricked him, killed his country’s children with starvation, and disease, poisoned his country with depleted uranium, and divided and set its people one against another in an act of destruction that is perfectly punctuated by the killing by Muslims of Saddam Hussein.

The government of Iraq is faced with a choice today. Be a hand of death for the mass murdering imperialists who have set the Muslim world in chaos, turning Muslims against Muslims as we fight and destroy one another for the crumbs fallen from the tables of false gods. The international Muslim ummat is faced with a choice today. Will we stand silently and watch as Saddam Hussein is killed without offering a single plea for his life?. The Qur’an says that those who are of the Ummat of Abraham are like him, and Abraham was kind hearted and he pleaded for the life of those whom God had determined should be destroyed. Today, and everyday, I want to be like Abraham, and so I am pleading for the life of Saddam Hussein. Maybe I am wrong to suggest that those who have the right to qiysas should accept financial reparations instead of blood. His blood will be of no value to anyone except his enemies, yet the financial compensation for his crimes can benefit those families who lost loved ones to his crimes.

Please let Saddam Hussein live. Show him mercy, even though he was merciless. Let him live, and let our mercy be a cause for God to extend to us His Mercy, and thereby unite our ummat against our enemies and raise us up like a strong hand against those who have rejected God and who have filled their cups with the innocent blood of Muslims throughout the world. Today, we have a chance to change the world and the momentum that is catapulting the Muslim world toward chaos and hell. I pray with all of my heart that the government of Iraq will rescind the death penalty against Saddam Hussein and spare his life. Use his wealth to repay his debt to the families who mourn, and let our international ummat reunite and transform our destiny from death and destruction to hope and life, and victory over our enemies. May God hear my plea and touch the hearts of our ummat and the Iraqi government with wisdom and compassion. Amen.