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The Working Poor and Livable Wage

"The required Federal Minimum wage keeps the average American family of four living in poverty. According to the Working Poor Families Project study, as of in December 2010 Nearly one in every three American families is classified as the working poor, that is 45 million people including 22 million children.  These are the people who can barely make it from month to month, they are two income providers and blue collar workers.  The wages and hours are decreasing and the monthly bills keep going up."

Israel’s Bent Neck

"Israel should have learned by now how wrong it is to deny a people’s history. It is no more right to deny the Palestinians’ narrative of what happened in 1948 than it is to deny that millions of Jews perished in WWII. There is ample evidence that the Holocaust occurred. Let us not allow Israel to deny a catastrophe it created with its own hands. The evidence is right under our noses."

Iraqi Kurdistan and Turkey

"Clearly, Turkey is not prepared to accept a semi-independent or fully autonomous Kurdish region or state on its southern border, as some Iraqi Kurdish leaders are aiming for. This will remain the main concern for Turkey and it will increase as long as the rising power and influence of the Iraqi Kurds and the growing weakness of the central Iraqi government continue."

Good News for Americans — Your Wages Are Flat!

"I don’t know about you, but I don’t worry much about “falling profits.” Few working people do. What we worry about is job insecurity, lousy working conditions, unpaid hours, evaporating pensions, and healthcare coverage that’s either woefully inadequate or nonexistent."

Some Questions for You

"Would a lottery system be a better way to select a president?"



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