US president not loyal to int’l commitments: Minister

US president not loyal to int’l commitments: Minister

Abdorreza Rahmani-Fazli in a meeting with the officials of Mazandaran Province, northern Iran, said that it has been proved for all countries that the current US president is not trustable; he not only withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), but he pulled the US out of some other international commitments.

Rahmani-Fazli said that in the present conditions, negotiation with the US is impossible; it has been proved to the whole world that Trump is not a trustworthy person for negotiations and international commitments.

The arrogant conduct of the US was proved to everyone, he said.

Rahmani-Fazli added that Iran has had interactions with other countries with mutual respect and in the framework of international laws.

He went on to say that Iran’s animosity with the US government cannot be overgeneralized to the US people; and as Imam Khomeini and the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei have said Iran is at odds with the government of the US and not with the people of that country.

Iran will not negotiate with the US until Washington puts aside its arrogant behavior and recognizes the independence of Iran, he said.

He also said that there is consensus about the JCPOA in Iran and that the deal brought about good investment into the country.

Rahmani-Fazli said that after the US pulled out of the UNSC-endorsed deal, Iran was temporarily in trouble, but later with the support by the Supreme Leader, and cooperation between the people and other forces inside the Islamic System, the country could defeat the problems and write off all the pessimistic predictions for the country.


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