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Arab American Democrats in Charlotte

"This convention will be different. For Arab Americans, with our record breaking numbers, it will represent a "coming of age.” Our hard work and perseverance has brought us from exclusion to being respected and recognized as part of the mainstream of the Democratic Party."

US Elections: Not Much to Look Forward to

"For the Palestinians it seems to be a matter of either bad or worse. Some presidents have come closer than others in trying to solve the conflict such as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, even if these efforts fell short of Palestinian aspirations. But none have made the bold moves imperative to bringing about a permanent solution. Unfortunately, President Obama has proven that he neither has the gumption nor the political will to make the changes necessary for a just and lasting peace and that matters will probably either stay where they are or deteriorate even further if he gets elected for a second term."

Looking for the Wahabs

"The end of one family is cause for some sadness. The island has changed, in other ways, as well. There are fresh vegetables for sale, meat is served in stores and restaurants, rental properties are air-conditioned, some mobile telephones work, and cable TV and wifi are now available everywhere. The beaches are still pristine (this remains one of the few places on the Atlantic coast where you can walk for miles in the surf never seeing another person) and the wildlife is still plentiful. But the Wahabs who I came here to find 35 years ago are now gone and all that remains of them are the stories that others will tell and the markers in the family graveyard."

These Colors Won’t Run… Afghanistan

"More than 400 members of the House declined to sign the letter. In effect, they failed to join in a historic challenge to a prevailing assumption -- that the U.S. government must use massive violence for many more years to try to work Washington’s will on Afghanistan."

Electoral College Calculus

"...this is a complicated process, to be sure, with no shortage of critics. But there is also a genius to this system. If the U.S. had a simple majority vote presidential election the campaigns would expend all their energy and resources on national advertising. And they would spend most of their time in the states with the largest populations.



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