U.S. Government and the Community


Implement your policies-lip-service is not enough. Members of the City Council Committee on Education, Youth Services and Fire $ Criminal Justice criticized the DOE (Department of Education) to implement the policy about sexual abuse detection and intervention in the city’s public school. “As a mother of a son who attends public school, I am concerned that the abuse prevention curriculum in our school is so outdated and unfocussed. It was also troubling to learn that some teachers did not even know that the curriculum existed,” said Council Member Eva Moskowitz of the Education Committee.

Product of the system. This year, 178 allegations of sexual abuse were reported in the public school system. Total number of raped girls is 2,361 and total number of boys is 499 in this year graduating class in New York City Public Schools. Most of the time abuses take place out of schools. “The truth is that perpetrators are often family members or acquaintances, especially for the youngest victims,” said Council Member Yvette Clarke, Chair of the Fire and Public Safety Committee

‘Good news budget’ on the back of the poor. Think about: Who is proposing cuts in the meals of seniors who cannot afford it? It means they will get meal once in a week instead of five days per week. Who is proposing a cut of $1.4 million in Sanitation Services? The plan would cut 12 truck shifts in Queens, 12 in Brooklyn, four in the Bronx and four in Staten Island? It means dirty street. Who is refusing to restore nearly $12 million to the City University of New York? Out of this fund, $5.5 million goes to Peter F. Vallone Scholarship Fund. 57,000 students benefited from this fund? Who is proposing to cut Community College Safety Net Program? This program was created to help those students who could not afford increase in community college tuition. It means poor students will not have access to education. And who is proposing to eliminate the Borough President Discretionary Fund. This fund support programs that provide meals, rent, operating costs for senior centers, transportation for doctor visits, transportation to senior centers, and adult day care services and recreational activities? It means make the life of the seniors miserable. And who is doing this? He is “Mike Our Mayor.”

This type of headline was flashed in one of the most respected papers of the Community of Color Community of Color elected Mayor ‘Gloomberg.’ By doing so, it felt proud that it had settled the score with the City Democratic Machine who cut the throat of the first Latino mayoral candidate Bronx President Ferrera. White-Jewish Mark Green manipulated to defeat him in the Democratic Primary. Then the Ud (fight) was between White Jewish Green and half-Republican and half-Democrat White-Jewish ‘Bloomberg.’ The Community of Color, which is 65% of the city population either, sided with the Bloomberg, abandoning their traditional adherence to the Democratic Party, or it stayed at home. Result? ‘Gloomberg’ became the mayor by buying the imperial mayoralty with more than 60 million and with the votes of the ‘rebellious’ Community of Color. Community of Color was looser either way. It does not make any difference whether it is White-Jewish Green or White-Jewish Bloomberg mayor as the interests of the Community of Color are concerned. For both of them, they do not exist.

Technology for all students. The City Council is worried that without an even-handed policy adopted by DOE some schools will end up with laptops for every student and others less than one-in-four classrooms even having Internet access. So they recommend some principles to be adopted to ensure a fair policy. Some of them are: 1. Wire all schools for broadband. 2. Focus on continuous access to technological educational resources. 3. Provide continued professional development to teachers. 4. Define technology standards 5. Dedicate sufficient funding.


Germany opens the doors. Dueling ends between the Germany’s Social Democrats- Green Government and the conservative opposition Christian Social Union and Christian Democratic Union on the issue of immigration. They struck a deal which will help foreign graduate of German schools, highly foreign skilled foreigners and asylum seekers. Foreign graduate students do not have to leave the country as before. They can extend their stay for one year to get a job. The losers are the ‘hate preachers’ and ‘suspected terrorists.’ Their deportation is made easy. Muslims are the largest religious minority in Germany.

Why this change of heart? Declining birth rate, aging population and shortage of information technology experts forced the anti-immigrant conservative opposition to change its stance on the immigration issue. The deal has to be approved by Budestag (Upper House) and Bundesrat (Lower House).

There are 7.3 million foreign residents in Germany. They are 9 percent of the population.

It is election year Americans! Jar is full of cookies. You can see them but you cannot touch them. Bush Administration is promising again to honor its promise, which the Baby Emperor President Bush made when he was running for president. He promised to eliminate the backlog of applications and to process applications within six months.

Now Eduardo Aguirre, director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, is promising to process the applications for residency and citizenship within six months by Sept. 30, 2006. 3.7 million residency and citizenship seekers who are waiting for action at present will benefit from this proposed action.

Foreign workers potentials. It is the foreign workers who make America afloat. The Former Immigration Commissioner Doris Meissner confirms this fact. ” The changes in this country are that we are a country that is aging. We have less and less of a workforce coming forward as a result of children born to native-born Americans and the numbers are very dramatic. Fifty percent of the growth of the workforce in this country in the 1990s came about as a result of immigrants. And that was on a parallel track with the longest sustained economic growth in our history. There is a direct tie between that sustained economic prosperity that we enjoyed and the availability of immigrant workers in our workforce.

What else. Labor government of Tony Blair is under fire for allowing hundreds of ‘dodgy students’ and ‘bogus businessmen’ from Bulgaria and Romania. New Zealand is feeling the heat for alleged charges to demand pregnancy test from Tonga’s visitors.


How much will be enough. Americans poor taxpayers will have to foot an additional hefty bill of $5.6 billion to booster the nation’s ‘bio-terror’ defense. These billions of dollars will end up in the pockets of the mega corporations who will ‘research’ and ‘produce’ vaccines against biological terror agents such as smallpox, anthrax and botulism toxin and other pathogen, such as Ebola and plague.

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