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What the Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign Means for Progressives

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris began this week in the nation’s first primary state by proclaiming what she isn’t. “The people of New Hampshire will tell...

Pakistan should cancel all its debt

Political, legal, economic, moral, environmental and religious justifications and arguments have been provided for canceling all debt by the internationally renowned economists like Toussaint...

Without the UN, our world would be an even more dangerous...

For 70-odd years, the world has experienced a period of relative peace and stability achieved through global cooperation and the establishment of empowered international...

My Political Philosophy: Grow Up!

I have been involved in politics my entire adult life. There were two main sources of inspiration from my childhood that have molded my...

Nine eleven dot com

"The enigma of the nine eleven tragedy will not remain unsolved forever. It will soon come to light like many other conspiracies engineered by the US government and the West in other countries. As the Persian saying goes, the moon will not forever remain hidden behind the clouds. The dots will be filled. And when the veil goes away, there will remain only a deep sense of shame and disgrace for those who orchestrated the plot, those who committed it and those who benefited from it."



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