Time to Curb the Zionist Lobbies

    There are two constitutional deficiencies in the American and British political systems which prevent the American and British governments from taking decisive action to curb the racism of the Zionist state in Palestine. There isn’t going to be peace in Palestine nor the middle east until the American and brutish governments adopt anti-racist policies for the region and, this will never happen until these two constitutional deficiencies are remedied. Fundamental reforms will be brought about in Palestine/middle east only if there are substantial reforms to the American and British political systems to abolish the gross political imbalance between Jews and Moslems brought about by the gross under-representation of minorities in these countries. The inequalities between Jews and Moslems in America and Britain are reinforcing and exacerbating the Zionist state’s oppression of Palestinians and the Arab world.

    The first constitutional deficiency in the American and brutish political systems is the lobby system. The lobby system enables domestic groups, including those representing foreign countries, to put pressure on all political representatives and members of government. The Zionist lobby has a dominating influence over congress and an excessive influence over parliament. The second deficiency is the two/three party system brought about by the ‘first past the post’ electoral system. The two party system makes it virtually impossible for minorities to be represented according to their proportion in society. It discriminates against visibly ethnic minorities and leads to a gross failure in the representative nature of congress/parliament. The phrase ‘visibly ethnic minorities’ is used because both Jews and Moslems are minorities but whilst Jews are deemed to be whites, and are thus able to succeed in a white society, Moslems are perceived to be non-whites and often suffer racial discrimination.

    American and British constitutions need to be reformed to meet the needs of their multi-cultural societies. These reforms should not merely ensure that all races, creeds, and colours, are given adequate representation but should also ensure that one ethnic group cannot exert excessive power at the expense of other minority groups in society.

    A House of Minorities needed in Brutland

    In Britain, where whites are the largest majority (allegedly 93%), it is a logistical impossibility to get equitable representation for minorities through the two party system. The efforts made to bring about greater representation of minorities within this system are futile. There are two ways of ensuring greater political representation for visible minorities. The first option is the adoption of proportional representation designed to introduce a multi-party system. The second option is the establishment of a second chamber in parliament (replacing the house of lords) in which candidates would be elected from a national constituency. Candidates from all classes, sections, and types, in society would stand for election to what could be called the house of minorities and, if they received sufficient electoral support, could provide representation for a wide cross section of society. Electors would choose the candidate they most preferred. For example, women could vote for women candidates, Moslems could vote for Moslem candidates, Irish people could vote for Irish candidates, gays could vote for gay candidates, Animal rightists could vote for Animal rights candidates, etc. The lords is currently dominated by a tiny sector of society – subsidy laden pharmers, the landowning elite, and ‘the great and the good’. Only 1% of the country’s population are pharmers and yet the proportion of people in the lords with pharming interests is huge – 30%? A house of minorities would represent a far greater cross section of society than the current method of selection for the house of lords.

    Of the two options, the latter would probably be the easiest to introduce. It would be much more difficult to switch from a two party system to a multi-party system than to introduce a simple electoral reform to the house of lords. The big advantage of creating the house of minorities is that it wouldn’t affect the dominance of the two party system in the house of commons because it is highly unlikely that a party system would emerge in the house of minorities. The diversity of interests that would be represented in the house of minorities would make it difficult for a party system to emerge. This would mean it would be unlikely to challenge the party system in the commons so the possibilities of intra-party conflicts across two legislative chambers would be minimal. But at least minorities would have representation and a voice in parliament and they could also work to win allies to oppose measures proposed by the commons that were against their interests.

    A House of Minorities needed in the United States

    The founding fathers created a political constitution based on checks and balances. For example, they wanted a representative system which was popular and thus choose an electoral system in which representatives to the senate were elected from roughly equally sized electorates. This meant that the more densely populated an area, the greater its number of representatives. However, the founding fathers also wanted to prevent a small number of heavily populated, urban, states with large numbers of representatives from dominating federal politics so they created a second legislative body, the house of representatives, which had a geographically orientated electoral system. For this chamber, two members are elected from each American state creating an equality between all states no matter what the size of their electorates.

    The American constitution is the greatest political constitution ever written. However, it is by no means perfect. The assumption made by America’s founders when formulating the constitution was that the overwhelming majority of the electorate would always be white. Since then America has absorbed vast numbers of peoples from all corners of the world and native Indians and blacks have won citizens’ rights. The American founding fathers saw no reason to create a constitution to take into account the country’s ethnic diversity and ensure a balance between minority groups. As a consequence, what has emerged over the last couple of centuries has been a gross under-representation of native Indians, blacks, Hispanics, etc and a gross over-representation of Jews.

    In America, the lack of representation for visible ethnic minorities can be solved either by adding a third legislative chamber to congress or by changing the basis of the voting system to either the house of representatives or to the senate. The former option would make the legislative process overwhelmingly cumbersome. National elections like those outlined above for Britain could become the basis for either the house of senate or the house of representatives.

    There are specific reforms which could be made to the lobby system in America and Britain. However, if there was a far greater political representation of minorities in the American and British political systems this would go a long way to countering the excessive influence of these lobbies.

    Action has to be taken for increasing the political influence of America’s minority groupings, and decreasing the influence of its lobby groups. Until this is done large numbers of non-white Americans are going to feel excluded from their country’s political process. In the past, America has suffered considerably because of its failures to ensure a racial balance in congress and it seems that its future is no less dire because it is being dragged into a series of middle east wars by the vast power of the Zionist lobby working in conjunction with a Zionist dominated media. The two main reasons why the American political system is becoming less and less popular are firstly the gross under-representation of visible ethnic groups and, secondly, the rampant domination of one lobby group which is virtually without rival. The Zionist lobby in America has succeeded in acquiring almost absolute power. Until the political system is reformed to impose checks and balances on this power it will continue to corrupt absolutely the body politic. Around large parts of the world, American politicians are increasing being seen as little more than Zionist marionettes.

    The author went to York university and then Hull University where he studied the works of Hannah Arendt. He has since been involved in community work and writes only occasional articles. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from the United Kingdom.