They only tell us what they think we want to know

by Cathleen Hall

Bush warned Syria on Sunday (April 13, 2003) not to harbor Iraqi leaders and charged that Damascus has chemical weapons, but was careful not to threaten militaryaction.

George W. Bush said.

Contrary to this above statement reflected on Sunday’s (April 13, 2003) news around the world, it has come to the author’s attention that not only is Bush threatening military action, his commanders have already given orders for various military units throughout the United States to be deployed to the areas surrounding Syria.

It is just a matter of days now and our troops will be headed for that region.

If that does not mean military action, then what exactly does it mean. Does it mean he wants a Syrian souvenir and wants hundreds or thousands of our soldiers to bring it back to him?

Just goes to show that we really do not know what our governments around the world are doing.

For the past several weeks, I have heard time and time again that this is a US led war against Islam Did you like this article?