The Yiddish Mass Media Mind Warp



In the aftermath of the atrocities in New York and Washington, you would think that the Israeli lobby and the Yiddish supremacists would ease up a little with their mass media mind warp machine.  Alas, they have decided to drive their media monopolies into high gear. The absence of decency among this crowd of intellectual degenerates requires the serious attention of qualified therapists.  Murdoch, Sulzberger, Zuckerman and Levine just don’t seem to understand that 911 is not something Americans are going to tune out.  More and more of our citizens will be paying attention and noticing how all the ‘experts’ have Yiddish twangs.  When it comes to choosing between America and Israel, these ethnic media titans will most likely rally to Tel Aviv.  And they will not be subtle about it.

In the last three days, 24 Palestinians have been murdered by Sharon’s thugs in the streets of Bethlehem and surrounding towns.  CNN reported that the Israeli army was ‘patrolling’ Bethlehem as if they were English village watchmen.  The ‘Israel First’ crew at CNN, The New York Times, FOX and the Washington Post are just doing their daily favors  for their brethren in Tel Aviv .  A few days ago, Chris Mathews of MSNBC interviewed Mort Zuckerman, the publisher of US World and News Report, the third largest weekly magazine.  Zuckerman  happens to be the newly elected Chairman of the Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.  But Chris Mathews didn’t bother to advise his viewers that this guy was the chief of the Yiddish tribes of North America.  Zuckerman was presented to the viewer as just another editor. Next up,  Mathews had a chat with Daniel Pipes, looking every bit the deranged zealot. I suspect that Mathews is looking for a big Christmas bonus.

Same crap, different show. Charlie Rose invited Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, a senior operative in the Israeli propaganda machine. Friedman was followed by a notorious Zionist professor from Princeton, Bernard Lewis,  to discuss how to talk down to the ‘Oriental Mind’ and how to keep Arabs in their place. Lewis advises that we shoubaneorget about coalitions and just tell the Arabs what to do. He said this after lamenting the lack of democracy in the Arab world.  These Jewish pundits would blow a fuse if an American administration told Israel to stop stealing Arab land, stop killing Palestinians and stop being such a racist Jewish supremacist state.

The networks can’t seem to get enough of Daniel Pipes, a deranged anti-Muslim bigot who is agitating for a major American escalation.  The major theme of this massive Zionist campaign is to blame Islamic extremism on the repression of Arab regimes. Never mind, that that these Arab regimes have to restort to repression largely to quell the anger over how Palestinians are being tormented by Sharon’s goons.  By the reckoning of these ‘experts’, the land thieving American subsidized racist Israeli thugs have nothing to do with Arab rage.  On this count, we might ask Friedman and his ethnic clan why, given their monopoly on foreign policy matters, they failed to notice repressive Arab regimes before the events of 911.

Absent from the 911 debate is any mention of the infiltration of the State Department by reckless Sharon-worshiping Likudniks from the Israeli Lobby.

The mass media titans have spared no effort to magnify the ‘Anthrax’ scare, which will probably turn out to be an act of domestic terrorists.  Anything to divert attention from probing why our foreign policy went so wrong.  So, instead of investigating the Israeli Lobby and its invasion of our State Department, we are bombarded with analysis from ‘Anthrax experts’ .

What we are witnessing is the full power of the Yiddish extremists who have come to dominate the mass media. In this major global crisis, our national interests depend not only on our military strength, but on the dubious loyalty of the men who control cable TV, major ‘national’ newspapers, publishing houses, Hollywood studios, weekly magazines and virtually every other information pipe that pumps ‘information’ into our collective brains.  They are men like Mort Zuckerman, Arthur Sulzberger, Rupert Murdoch (FOX) and Levine of Time Warner/AOL/CNN.  They are not only dedicated to a narrow ethnic vision, but also engage in some very incestuous relationships.  For example, Sulzberger’s New York Times crew, are all over the Cable News Networks.  They get more air time than American government officials.  On top of that, Israeli officials get more airtime than all the NATO countries combined.

The Yiddish extremists fancy themselves a ‘chosen people’ with all the answers for the ‘lesser people’ of the planet.  A lot of time has been spent lately ‘exploring’ the Islamic ‘roots of the problem.’  Well, what about the Yiddish ‘roots of the problem’?  Why don’t these Likudnik lunatics explain how every major Jewish organization in America has embraced terrorist war criminals like Begin, Shamir and Sharon? Why is the only majority Jewish State in the world an institutionally racist state?  Why don’t we ever hear a single responsible Israeli or American-Jewish voice expressing regret for the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948?  Why don’t we hear Jewish voices condemn extremists who openly call for the ‘transfer’ of the Palestinians? How about a little probing of why so many Yiddish ‘experts’ dole out the same deceptive uniform mantra about ‘how they hate us because of our freedom, our success and our values’?  Why have American intellectuals abandoned courage and caved in to the Lobby and allowed these infantile degenerate Jewish supremacists to fill the air waves with their ‘spin’? Is this a good time for ‘spin’?  Where are the ‘journalists’ who would stand up for America first?  Are we going to allow these Zionist creeps to transform America into a garrison state that would be a carbon copy of Israel?  Have they not inflicted enough damage to American National interests already?  

Americans are not stupid.  We just haven’t been monitoring events that closely.  We delegated our ‘foreign affairs’ business to the ‘experts’ in Washington who leased out the State Department to the Israel Lobby in exchange for generous campaign donations and ‘quality air time’ on FOX and CNN.  The New York Times and The Washington Post were anointed with the power to determine the broad outlines of our foreign policy.  The result was that Israel got more foreign aid than 500 million sub-Saharan Africans. It hardly mattered that Israel had a standard of living as high as Greece.  It was just ‘pork,’ made kosher by a Congress on the take.

As the years went by, the partisans of the Israeli lobby became more arrogant. They arranged for an American green light for Israeli invasions of Lebanon in 1978 and 1982. They agitated for the Gulf War.  And when Bush the Elder started dropping bombs on Baghdad, Abe Rosenthal of the New York Times wrote a “Thank You'” editorial.  Coming out of the Gulf War feeling triumphant, the lobby loaded the dice by transferring their operatives to vital decision making positions in the United States Government. The ‘Yiddish’ invasion of the State Department was completed during the Clinton administration. One only needs to probe the records of Dennis Ross, Martin Indyk, Albright, Holbrooke, Eaglburger, Kurzer, Rubin, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle.  The sales pitch to get these foreign lobbyists on the public payroll was that it would ‘reassure’ Israelis that they had ‘reliable’ allies in the administration.

These ‘reliable’ allies set about not only to influence the Israeli/Palestinian conflict but to control the debate on American policies in the Middle East.  If it was in Israel’s interest to humiliate the Egyptians or the Saudis, they went ahead and did it.  If the Turks needed protection from the Armenian lobby, they provided it.  If they felt that ‘ethnic cleansing’ in the Balkans was approved by the Likud, they made sure Americans would be indifferent to the slaughter in Sarajevo.  Consider that when the Gulf war was over, Kuwait was ‘liberated’ enough to resume being an absolute monarchy.  The Israel Firsters also engineered the creation of a permanent American garrison in Saudi Arabia.  From that disastrous adventure, emerged an enraged Osama Bin Laden, once an anti-Soviet ally in liberating Afghanistan, now a determined religious zealot railing against the Anglo-American occupation in the Gulf.

Israel has always had very simple policy in dealing with the native people of the Middle East. They do whatever they think they can get away with.

The whole history of Israel is about killing native Arabs, stealing their land and creating an exclusively Jewish community.  An essential requirement of their policy was the cultivation of contempt towards Arabs and Muslims. So, with the rising clout of Israel’s partisans and their acquisition of prominent policy-making positions at the State Department, American policy also gravitated towards open contempt for Arabs. Basically, the final determinant of American Policy was “Is it good for the Jews?” and “To hell with the Arabs.”

It is disingenuous and dangerous for our government to lie to the American people about our policies in the Middle East.  It is essential for our citizens to realize that many of our disastrous policies were framed by individual policy makers who acted as virtual agents for a foreign state. They gambled with our national interests and were fully backed by the mass media titans who shared their peculiar ethnic agendas.

Six thousand of our countrymen were incinerated in New York by enraged extremist religious zealots.  In every private conversation I have had since 911, individual Americans understand that ‘Israel’ and her militant advocates in the mass media are responsible for constructing a foreign policy that provokes rage on the Arab Street. The atrocities of September 11th were a crazed manifestation of that rage.  Predictably, the solution of the Israel Firsters, is to bomb the Arab Street.  But, first we must finish bombing whatever survived the last two decades of war in Afghanistan.  Why? Because Saudi extremists converted that tormented land into a base from which to launch their operations.  Bin Ladin recruited his followers by fishing in an ocean of bitterness that has come to engulf the psyche of the Arab people.  Our Yiddish press lords would have you believe that the Arabs are incited by their own government controlled media who make too much of a fuss about the “Palestinians.”  Notice the ‘intellectual’ discipline and rigidity in conveying the racist message that the “Arabs and Muslims” have no legitimate grievance against Israel and America.  Their message is that ‘Its the culture that makes them crazy, not the land thieving murderous humiliating Israeli occupation’.  It takes the uniform ideological zeal of tightly knit Zionist political organizations to deliver this ‘uniform’ message.  If you thought Communists were disciplined in upholding the ‘party line’, the Zionists never waiver from rallying to the “Israel First” battle cry.

If the Israeli Firsters are allowed to get their way, as per usual, they will certainly dominate and contain the boundaries of this existential debate. So, it is time to ask responsible American Jews to stand up and depose their radical irredentist leaders who have embraced the crimes of Ariel Sharon.  These militant Likudniks have hijacked American foreign policy and created havoc in our land, a land that has been more generous to Jews than any country in history.

Every American must realize that the architects of our foreign policy are guilty of mismanagement bordering on treason.  The vicious attacks against innocent Americans can never be forgiven; but it would be folly to pretend that Bin Laden and his followers were unprovoked.  America did not need to manufacture these enemies.  While there is nothing that can be done to bring back our dead, there is plenty that can be done to prevent future threats to our national security.  Projecting American military might is reassuring to many of our citizens.  Airport security is vital. Better intelligence will be needed. But it is our foreign policy that got us into this mess, and it will take a major change of course to navigate our way to safer shores.

The essential ingredient in addressing this new challenge is to inquire as to why we were targeted as Americans.  If those who assaulted us were just demented religious fanatics with a lust for death and destruction and a hate for our democracy, be scared, be very scared.  But if they were motivated by a crazed rage over grievances like five decades of Israeli repression, occupation and humiliation.  If they were angered by the presence of a militarily insignificant American garrison on holy Saudi soil. If they were enraged by the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children at the hands of vindictive sanctions. Well, than their is a glimmer of hope, because these are problems that can be solved.

Getting Bin Laden to justice or delivering justice to Bin Laden is a necessary but inadequate response.  The American people deserve to have a foreign policy that represents our collective good intentions, not the agenda of demented Likudniks like Murdoch, Sulzberger and Zuckerman. The native people of the Middle East are angry, humiliated and living without hope.  The ordeal of the Palestinians is a circle of pain that touches every Arab heart.  It disgusts most Arabs and Muslims that their leaders are incapable of defending the rights and honor of the native people of the Holy Land. It is like watching your kid brother being beaten by the neighborhood bully and having the ‘American’ cop prevent you from going to his defense.  The cop needs to go straight and restrain the Israeli thugs. Moving that military garrison out of Saudi Arabia is a lot cheaper than converting America into a garrison state.  Helping the Afghans rebuild their homeland will cost the price of just a few bombers. In Afghanistan, the Peace Corps can win battles that can never be won by conventional armies, no matter how powerful their arsenals. Resolving disputes like Chechnya and Kashmir should be done because they are worthy of our attention.

If Americans has proven anything to the world, it is our ability to live and work together with those of other races and religions.  Even a Yiddish ethnocentric media, dominated by Likudnik wackos, has not been able to make a dent in the common decency of the average American.  The Civil Rights movement succeeded because America was ready for it to succeed.  Someday, our foreign policy in the Middle East will become as decent as the average American.  That day will be delayed until the Yiddish supremacists are booted out of the State Department and ethnic media tycoons like Sulzberger, Zuckerman and Murdoch decide to put American national interests ahead of Israeli territorial ambitions.

So, when you watch Wolf Blitzer, remember the summers he spent getting Zionist indoctrination in a Kibbutz.  Every Time Ted Koppel starts mouthing off about the Middle East, always remember that he is a German Jew and a personal friend of the extremist Likudnik Netenyahu.  The FOX network might as well be owned by Ariel Sharon, who spends a lot of quality time with Rupert Murdoch.  Has anyone noticed that Thomas Friedman,  Sulzberger’s Foreign Minister at the New York Times, is now having an imaginary dialogue with Bin Laden.  To make himself sound like an adult, Friedman usually borrows the voice of Bush. Imagine that. Friedman a Bushie.  The hoplessly redundant Friedman is on his weekly rant about how the problem with Arabs is their rejection with modernity.  Thomas Friedman can’t understand why Palestinians do not enjoy the trials and tribulations of a ‘modern’ Israeli military occupation. Maybe, it has something to do with the midevil siege around Palestinian villages and towns.

That boy Friedman drools with contempt for Palestinians.  Sulzberger and the New York Times, a virtual state within a state,  are largely responsible for the successful  marketing of Israeli repression.  At the New York Times, they love  Israeli war criminals more than they love their wives and children.

As for Dennis Ross, who is a stand-in for Barak and does a pretty good Sharon imitation.  Well, he is back in the Israeli Lobby with his old pal Martin Indyk. And you wonder why the State Department is such a mess.

If George Bush wants to win the propaganda war in the Middle East, he will need to stand up to the Israeli Lobby and sweep all their activists out of the State and Defense Department.  He will also need to find a way to talk directly to the American people, over the heads of the zealous Likudnik media lords. But first, he must encourage the Belgians to expedite the arrest warrant for Ariel Sharon.  Nailing Sharon will send an important message to the Israeli people that they need to get a grip and  find new leaders without criminal war records.

Now, the Israeli lobby is not about to roll over and play dead.  They are actively agitating for military escalation, which is ironic considering how few of them ever volunteer for the armed forces.  And they are sparing no effort to break the coalition.  With them, it is always Israel First.  They will not back down until they encounter stiff resistance form an ‘America First’ movement.  So, lets all pay attention and do our part.  We can no longer afford the crazy antics of Israeli partisans who believe the State Department is their private franchise. We need  to put an end to their mass media mind warp.  My little contribution was to cancel the New York Times. At some point you have to tell the Yiddish supremacists to shut up, already.

Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).