The Root of the Democratic Party’s Non-Resistance to Bush Policies

For decades, the Jewish vote has been an essential part of the financing and electorate for Democratic Party politics in the America. Jews, blacks, minorities, women, all were part of a broad coalition of groups that helped win election for Democrat candidates in U.S. elections. Probably because of their own history of oppression and persecution, the Jewish people often supported dissident causes, such as the civil rights movement, and a number of Jews marched with black civil rights advocates in the interest of social justice in America. Thus, the Jewish people, by and large, because publicly associated with the Democratic Party, and many prominent Jews became leaders in the Democratic Party, including both U.S. Senators from California at present, Boxer and Feinstein.

The situation has changed markedly with the advent of the Bush administration and the fervent, feverish support of the Bush administration for Israel. The Bush administration is dominated in front-line positions and in advisory positions by neo-conservative Jewish Americans, such as Wolfowitz, Perle, and others. Some of the persons, such as Richard Perle, a defense advisor to the U.S. Government, has actually served as paid political advisor to Israeli politicians in their Israel political campaigns. Benjamin Netenyahu, hard line oppose of justice for Palestinians, was supported by Perle as an advisor, just as the Bush administration seeks advice from Perle.

George W. Bush himself, perhaps the least informed president in U.S. history in matters of world history, holds the simplistic view, based on effective Jewish propaganda and rewriting of history, that Israel is a historic victim of hateful, terrorist Moslems and Arabs. Bush would not know history or justice if it were a viper and bit him in the ass, but that is irrelevant. Bush believes in Israel and supports Israel unequivocally, and more significantly, is willing to continue to provide massive financial support for the Zionist cause to be used it its suppression of Palestinian justice.

So, the Democratic Party of the United States has a dilemma. The Democrats see the horrors to U.S. esteem worldwide caused by George W. Bush. The Democrats see the horrible economic program enacted and proposed by George W. Bush, which is based on the “trickle down” effect — give enough tax breaks to the rich and a tiny portion of the “investment” will trickle down to the citizenry in the form of jobs and minor economic benefits.

The Democrats see all the flaws in the Bush administration, and they see the illegality of warmongering and “nation building” by Bush (something Bush derided Bill Clinton for when Clinton was in office).

But the Democrats dare not offend the Jewish vote, now leaning towards the Republicans because of the strong Bush support for Israel. The Republicans are very shrewd in their manipulations of power. The Republicans know that the Jewish vote, added to the current voter base, can provide the margin of victor in American politics for years to come. The Republicans now are building on their support of Israel as a means of attracting the larger Jewish vote in America.

Thus, the Democrats are silenced in their opposition to Bush. It all hinges now on support from the Jewish vote. If Democrats speak their consciences, they may lose and lose and lose elections for years to come.

The Republicans have found a way to dominate the political debate now in America, with almost no political opposition. It all revolves around the Jewish vote, placing American Jews and Israel in the fulcrum of power in American politics as no minority group in history. This power fulcrum now dwarfs Jewish political power based on wealth and finances or corporate control, though those factors remain significant.

Until enough people of conscience emerge in American society to alter this emerging balance of power based on Jewish/Israeli influence, the future looks bleak for peace, justice, and human rights.

The writer is a member of several falconry and ornithological clubs and organizations. He contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from California, USA.