The relevancy of chairman Arafat


“Irrelevant” according to a recent statement by the Israeli Government. Chairman Arafat is “irrelevant.”

Of course Chairman Arafat must and can only be “officially” declared irrelevant. What else would a Palestinian be to the Zionist occupation? How can Palestinians be relevant and the elected Leader of Palestine be considered otherwise? To consider “irrelevant” the chosen and elected Leader of the ill-fated Palestinian people is to negate all the atrocities committed against them by the occupying force.

It is the New Age terminology of the Jewish government, to label and transform the impact, of occupation and human rights violations. Following the United States in hot pursuit of a methodology that transcends the tender and strangely naive sensibilities of the world’s inhabitants.

“War” is no longer War but a “Campaign.” apparently not unlike the campaigns here at election time, lot’s of comraderie and parties of good cheer upon winning. The only casualties of this campaign of my dictionarian thinking is perhaps the hangover from to much partying and celebrating.

“Terror” is now the label given to all resistance, even legitimate revolution and resistance against invading, occupying forces. Weapons of “legitimate war” is a luxury only few nations have. It must be a tank that takes life and limb, not a moltov cocktail, (another word I would think needs close scrutiny). A suicide bomber is not of the accepted variety for it entails a brainless, mindless human that is not a man made creation, therefore non-viable in the world of weaponry. It must be cast of steel and forged by man to enter into the “Arena”. Weapons of mass destruction are only for the rich nations of the world and all others must stand back and accept a death sentence inflicted on them or be labeled “Terrorist” in lieu of any defensive or offensive tactics they may have to resort to in the defending of their lands and homes.

“Collateral Damage” is the name given at the gravesite to children butchered by “legitimate weapons”, such as tanks and missiles. How much “collateral damage must be documented in order that we as a people feel justified in the taking of lives?

The ‘War Front,” is now an “Arena.” An arena that can also be used for football games in the aftermath of a blood bath. It all makes sense to us now, for we are “Civilized world,” and anyone that does not fit tightly within the concept of western civilization is the “Other!” It is “We” against “Them”. “Patriotism” is now the act of flying a flag, and sitting back watching Jay Leno make light of the brutality our armed forces will have to endure within said “Arena.”

This new terminology is the latest and most insidious of all techniques for desensitizing the world. It has taken peoples lives, reducing the psychological impact and attached to them a ridiculous equation. “Downsizing” is not the loss of a lifetime of work and accomplishment, it is not the loss of ones home, self-esteem and security. Now “Downsizing” is in direct relation to the losing of 10lbs. for the office Christmas party, so I can shop for a new dress.

The use of such a tame and subliminal language, falls in line and is the same tactic used to create suicide bombers. It is the alienation of all emotions in regards to Humanity. The methodology used to desensitize young, misguided and naive men(boys) to commit horrific acts not only to others but the savage and brutal taking of their own lives as well, is a tactic long known to the world of brainwashers. (and this is not a wash machine)

The Israeli and American Government have set a precedent for the world that can only turn out to be the Karmic impact of the collective aggression they have used against the peoples of the world. This tactical use of creative linguistics is a systemic infection that will create an entire civilization of “UN-sensitive” humans. Which will go on to perpetuate and cultivate and entire world of people that have so little regard for Life and for human differences that Hitler will be the old kid on the block and the newest and most advanced of this race of people will go on to commit atrocities such as those committed against them at the drop of the proverbial hat.

If the Israeli Government and Sharon consider and proclaim Chairman Arafat “Irrelevant” it is justifiable. It is the only way they can continue the systematic and precise genocide of a race of people that has done nothing but exist on a land for century upon century.

The claim to the land made by the Israelis’ is a claim laid in consistency with Biblical prophecy. I ask, “What of the atheists?”. Are there no Atheists, no Agnostics, no questioners of the legitimacy of such a claim left in the world? No one to challenge the perchance mythological claim made in reference to a theological phenomena and not by historical accuracy? And if there indeed is none left to challenge the new world order then my own knowing and belief’s in an Omnipotent Ruler is left to question. For if this atrocity is committed by sanction of the Word of God I fear for the future interpretations and translations of the sacred prophesies.

We have come to the crossroads of living. A fork in the road of humanity. It is now time for us to understand that, theology and history, each and together have their merits. That science and spirituality must join in a marriage that will provide humanity with the tools and insight to forgive and coexist. Changing the word “children” to “collateral damage” will not make a child that has lost his/her legs due to a dance with a land mine walk again. They now have become statistical casualties of this new campaign. Limbs stolen by ambiguity.

This assault on our intelligence is a challenge we must address with “all the emotions “we have within our souls. We must become more sensitive to the needs and suffering of the people of the world. “They” of “We” and “Them” want “Us” to forget the humane attachment of pain, grief and true “Terror” that citizens of throughout the world suffer on a daily basis due to the “UN”sensitive governing of our leaders today.