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Lessons for Sudan’s and Algeria’s reformers from Arab Spring realities

The recently sparked public unrest in Sudan and Algeria are not receiving the media attention they deserve. An earlier round of public protest in the Arab world...

Iran and the Brunt of Nuclear Crucifixion

"Given the destructive power of these nuclear weapons and the fact that they can easily bring the world to the brink of destruction if not to total chaos, the idea of a safe world is but absurdly grotesque. Even more grotesque is the fact that a number of the so-called international bodies lie through their teeth about Iran’s nuclear energy program which Iranian leaders vehemently enunciate are meant for only civilian purposes and shut their eyes to the potentially apocalyptic horror these weapons can unleash in the hands that hold them."

British Defence Chief: NATO absolves Germany of Nazi Past

"When Germany was reunited in 1990, contrary to the George H.W. Bush administration's pledge to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, NATO immediately moved not only "one inch" but over 200 miles to the east, beginning the process of absorbing all the Soviet Union's former partners in the now defunct Warsaw Pact....Germany has aided NATO's expansionist and expeditionary designs in the past thirteen years and NATO has rewarded it: Germany is now the world's third largest weapons exporter, its arms sales abroad increasing with each succeeding year."

The Prophet’s Birth Day and its Real Message

"The status of Pakistan is different from all the rest of the Muslim states. Islamic system is adopted by any other Muslim country or not, for Pakistan it is a point of death and life. The reason is that Pakistan has no raison d’etre for its existence except Islam. This country had come into being on the only pledge of establishing the system of God here. It was promised that a model of a just system based on the Divine Guidance would be established here and the Law of Allah will be superior to all other laws, customs and traditions. This was given the name of the ‘Ideology of Pakistan’. 

Transformation: Effectuating Democracy by a Voters’ Rights Amendment

"The United States Constitution once stood as a model for new nations; however, today it is viewed by many as an outdated and difficult-to-amend document that guarantees few rights, when compared to other established democracies....There is an inherent right in a representative democracy to cast an effective vote, and a failure by the government to protect that right nullifies the electoral process....By amending their constitution to ensure the primacy of voters and their right to control their government, the People of the United States will once again demonstrate an evolutionary model for democratic governments around the world."



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