The Politics of "F" Words

The most recent strategy of our rulers has been to reactivate and heighten the f___ factor in prepping for the elections. The opposition has retaliated by initiating its own f___ factor. As a result, the nation is being f______ anew. Let’s recap:

Terrorists are planning to wipe us out in ways known to our ruling serial killers but unknown to ordinary mortals. Not to worry, our government is on the job and stopping those villains, whether they exist or not. And foiling their plots, whether they exist or not. Before they can be carried out, whether they exist or not. Rest easy?

No way. More plots are brewing, and those who criticize the efforts to arrest, torture and kill our enemies are in league with the terrorist conspiracy, which now involves more nations and people than it did five years ago. Didn’t they tell us this would be a long war that would take years, maybe decades, maybe centuries, to win? Are we out of our f______ minds?

Just as this strategy to instill greater f___ than ever in the hearts and minds of our voters so that they might cast their ballots in total ignorance and panic, another use of the f___ word was discovered by the opposition. The party wing that stands for the rights of (some) gay people found out that a representative, a closet f__, was engaging in f__________ with teenaged congressional pages . Shocking, especially since this f__ might well have wanted to f___ these young boys, which would look very bad to the conservative base supporters in the f______ community.

That is, if they forget that sending teenage boys and girls into this nest of horny immoralists regularly produces scandal every few years. The only difference in reaction to these sexual adventures depends on whether the evildoer is a member of the liberal or conservative wing of the ruling party.

Since the liberal side depends not only on the Israeli lobby but also on some horny secular types for its f_______ base, it reacts with more tolerance, especially when one of its own is screwing around, or hinting at thinking about screwing around. The other side depends not only on the Israeli lobby but also on some Armageddonly pseudo-celibate types for its f________ base, so it screams bloody murder at any attempt to screw around, screw straight, or screw any other way. Unless, of course, it’s own hot armageddonites are the ones doing the screwing.

Mind you, that we are murdering people all over the world isn’t all that important. But that someone in congress may have been thinking about having sex with teenagers, and worse, got caught in his thoughts, wow! That is a major problem that should bring the nation to a standstill.

What’s a citizen to do? Vote for the “f” factor and support our rulers, or the “f” factor and support our alternate rulers? Many will probably choose to f___ the whole process, which under these circumstances might not be a bad idea.

Back in the real world – barely noticed by our media, our politicians and by virtue of their lies and misinformation, our people – things have been moving in the direction of a different “f” word. The global struggle of people to f___ themselves from the yoke of neoliberal imperialism – terms hardly ever heard here in “f” country – is making gains that translate into losses for what seems to be our side, but really isn’t. Confused? Don’t be such a f___.

Progress in the global movement does not come without continued suffering. The death toll is rising in Iraq, the horror continues in Palestine, and there is a renewed threat that the idiot f________ U.S. regime and its Israeli partners might be stupid enough to attack Iran. What the f___ are we to do?

Some will try voting, in an election that may break records for low turnouts. While disgust with the political process grows, there is no alternative party yet strong enough to truly offer national opposition to the ruling cabal. But desperate hope will attract participation in the struggle between the polio party and the cancer party, offering the choice of a crippling or a terminal disease. Vote for the cripple party and pray for a cure, so to speak. This will have to do, until Americans move on from the divisive search for bad guys and conspiracies to start a war, and focus on achieving some democratic unity in order to change systems and stop all war.

That involves a broader critique of what ails us, and a more informed and inclusive organization of citizens to confront our collective problems. Whether the threat of global warming, the arrogance of foreign policy or the broader economic racism at the core of imperial domination, these will not be solved by changing the furniture at the palace, but only by rebuilding the entire structure. Among other things, that will call for a new party, and we don’t seem politically mature enough to create one at this time . That’s why we’re stuck with these f_______ lames .

So on election day, whether you stay home and participate in TV’s alleged reality, or go to the polls and participate in our alleged democracy, try not to be too disappointed at your spectator status. Start building a new political voice for all of next time, and us you may be able to do something to f___them, and not yourself.