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Challenging the Presidential Candidates to Discuss the Middle East in Iowa...

IOWA CITY, IOWA – I'm writing from Iowa where I've been speaking to audiences of activists and helping to organize "Concerned Iowans for Middle...

Morocco: Addressing Shantytowns in an Emerging Democracy

What peaked in 2011 as a series of political protests sweeping the Middle East and North Africa is today, an opportunity to celebrate and...

Has NATO Failed the Women of Afghanistan?

"The imperative now is for the international community to support and improve capacity-building measures at the grassroots while strengthening the judicial infrastructure. The focus should be on humanitarian, development and infrastructure projects - through credible independent NGOs - a strategic shift which could strike a decisive blow against Taliban recruitment efforts without firing a single bullet."

A failure of Israeli strategic thinking

"Israel's strategic failings regarding both Palestinian camps are shared to an extent by the Obama administration and the rest of the Quartet. If, despite the odds, Fateh-Hamas reconciliation moves ahead, elections are held and Hamas is integrated politically into overall Palestinian governance, a new strategic paradigm will emerge to replace those that have confounded us so far. And it will be part of a broader, regional challenge to Israel and the West by political Islam."

U.S.-Egypt Relations on the Rocks

"Wanting democracy for Egypt may be noble, but U.S. standing in Egypt and the region, as a whole, is too low for American leaders to be using the bully-pulpit. What Egyptians most want to see from the U.S. is a change in America's regional policy and help in building their country's capacity to provide for people's basic needs."



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