The Matrix Of Power

When writing it is always important to know the audience you are addressing. Let me be clear. This article is meant for Palestinians living outside the occupied territories. This is not an attempt to explain a Palestinian narrative to the world at large. It is an attempt to lift our collective eyes to see beyond current events.

The pain and suffering in Gaza is palpable. The immorality of the Israeli onslaught can only be questioned by those who actively support the carnage. It is all but impossible to diagnose the underlying problem when the pain of amputated limbs numbs the collective mind.

But those Palestinians in Diaspora have a role to play in this conflict. We must look beyond the pain and diagnose its source. The solution is often elusive, masked by a pattern of symptoms.

When you are in so much pain, it is difficult to think beyond its immediacy. Can we expect those living and dying in Gaza to look beyond their pain? No. It falls upon Palestinians around the world to help unmask the matrix of power, which is the ultimate disease.

Is it not obvious that Israel’s existence was a collaboration of many? We Palestinians know, even if we have not articulated it well. We know it was more than the western world implanting the Zionist scourge amongst us. It could not have happened without the collaboration of many Arab regimes.

And today, there are many still collaborating with this Zionist scourge? The US? Of course. The UK? Absolutely. Australia? Germany? The matrix is complex, but in the carnage and chaos, we see it falling apart and revealing itself.

Egypt blames the victim. Saudi Arabia blames the victim. The kings in the region by and large remain silent to the pain. Of course they will offer money in the aftermath, believing that this will wash the blood from their collusion. But they have enabled the Zionist scourge from within the Arab family.

One of the most sinful points in the matrix to reveal comes from collaborators within the Palestinian family itself. Abbas, the western lap dog barks on demand. Israel hopes the dog will bare its teeth to bite. A once proud resistance group, Fateh, now has elements of open, naked collaboration. This was revealed by Atlantic Monthly reporter, Jeffrey Goldberg:

Former Palestinian Authority intelligence officials, tell me that not only are they rooting for the Israelis to decimate Hamas, but that Fatah has actually been assisting the Israelis with targeting information.

What the forces of collusion fear is an incorruptible entity in the region. That is why Hezbollah is feared and ostracized. If a group will only kneel to God and not the matrix, they will be shunned and opposed by those in power.

Israel is just one point in the matrix. Israel inflicts the pain before us. Whether you believe it is the head or the tail of the dog, it matters not. The enemy stretches well beyond Israel. The true enemy is a combined matrix of power that is aligned against any force willing to stand up instead of kneel down to its dictates.

Deconstructing the matrix has becomes simple. Look who is blaming the victim? It is the litmus test. And we see the culprits coming out from under their rocks like cockroaches. Those who follow the course of blaming HAMAS and Palestinians for the carnage are not stupid; they are evil. And their words reveal their loyalties.

Israel was created to hide the matrix. Most of our energy has been centered around one point. Without Israel, how long would the other points that make up the disease last? The Zionist scourge is used. I am no longer interested in who is master and who is slave. It is the MATRIX that must be confronted.

How do we confront the powerful forces aligned against us? First we must rid ourselves of the collaborators within. We must demand that the PA be disbanded immediately. We must rid ourselves of the disease from within. We must stop believing that Mubarak can help us. We must stop believing that Obama, Merkel, Brown or any of the aligned forces against us can lead to salvation. We must say “no” to the quartet for they are aligned against us.

By saying “no” to the matrix of power, many more possibilities will emerge. It is only through delusional and ultimately unprincipled hope in the matrix that our misery is perpetuated. We must continue to say “no” until there is something to say “yes” to…and at this moment in time, we must show our fealty to God Almighty.