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The real war for Syria is taking place in its skies

The hidden battle in Syria – the one that rarely appears on our television screens – has been raging for years between Israel and...

Bollywood’s Treachery: Ganging up against Palestinian Rights

On a massive drive to cast Israel as a "normal democracy" and woo audiences in India's film-crazy population, its war criminal leader Benjamin Netanyahu...

Santa is a Dissident

"When you see someone acting disrespectful to your teacher, or when you see a student sitting alone in the school lunch room, you can be the special inspiration for others to show love and respect...There are thousands of reasons to protest - but the most important reason is that it is only through protest and dissent that we can have Peace on Earth and Good Will to All."

The war on Iran is already underway

"The war against Iran, however, seems to be already on the go. A soaring media operation, frequent war threats uttered by insane hawks in Tel Aviv and Washington, assassinations and acts of sabotage all testify that Iran is the target of an all-out war which just has not had a military representation. What can be said for sure is that Iran will not throw the towel in the face of the hostilities and has done a great job withstanding the lethal pressures. This is what makes Iran a promising model for the nations which want to learn how to stand on their own feet."

Post-transitional Political Fault lines

"In spite all threats emanating from these fault lines, reform and transformation campaign that is beyond mere “perception management” must be launched. However, as a fragile state, the post-transitional government would need, among other things, collective vigilance- internally and externally."



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