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Needed (But Not Expected): U.S. Department of Remorse

"The U.S. likes to portray itself as a world leader in international affairs. Let's set in place a Department of Remorse and get on with the necessary business of healing and correction and reparations."

Fear for the Future of the Republic

"The Bush administration has been able to get away with badly distorting reality because the public doesn’t have as much personal experience with foreign policy and security issues as they do with issues such as education, health care, the economy, etc."

We Need the ’70’s Version of John Kerry in NYC This...

"The gathering of protesters and dissidents in New York City this week are not only present to repudiate Bush policies. They are there to repudiate Kerry policies and to force the Kerry campaign to Democratic values, not warmongering values against the constituency."

U.S. to the World: "Do as We Say, Not as We...

"If Iran and Iraq and other nations of the world listen to Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld and even John Kerry, the message is: "Do as we say, not as we do, and if you are lucky, we'll be good to you!"

On watching the Abu Gharib torture video

"I got more than I bargained for, and I've been trying to deal with it ever since. The video itself is grainy and dark, with two particular elements worthy of note: the green gloves worn by the American soldier and the hoods placed over the faces of the Iraqi men being abused."