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White Phosphorus: And so the Israeli argument goes…

"The concern here isn't solely the sort of munitions used, but the environment and the purpose of their usage. It is within this critical analysis of munitions usage that the nature of Israel's use of weaponry can then be identified as illegal."

Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush: Two sides of the same...

"...Saddam Hussein was an Iraqi nationalist. He did not tolerate Al Qaeda or other foreign groups operating on his territory. Bush has made it possible for foreign fighters to enter Iraq, but not to fight Iraqi nationalists; only to fight the occupiers of Iraq and their sell-out stooges in the puppet government installed and abetted by the U.S."

Saddam on trial: small fry face justice of sorts as big...

"The unfortunate reality is that Saddam is being tried not for reasons of justice, or to uncover the extent of his crimes, but to provide a gloss of legitimacy for the US’s occupation of Iraq and the political order it is establishing there to defend its interests in the post-Saddam period."

Bordering Autonomy

"Rice also urged Israel for further talks on the Gaza airport which was discussed in the negotiations. Time will tell if Rice's words are backed up by the US administration and if the agreement is implemented in its entirety."

Hurricane Katrina: Cause and Effect

"When man thinks he can manipulate nature and the weather, nature and weather will manipulate man. There has never been an instance where man can beat nature, yet for his stupidity and rigidity he continues to try."