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Bringing Back Memories of the Nightmarish Israeli Invasion of Lebanon

The New York Times headline on April 4th was simple enough, "After 37-Year Search, Israel Recovers Body of a Fallen Soldier," but the memories it...

A different kind of Tweet

"The president has absolute authority, unilateral power to order the use of nuclear weapons," said Bruce Blair. The nuclear codes are "the length of...

The Final Farewell

"It is cruel to withhold the body of someone’s son or daughter from their family. It is cruel to put them in a grave marked only with a number and prevent anyone from bidding them farewell. It is long overdue that these fallen Palestinians be given the proper and dignified burials they deserve. May they finally be able to rest in peace."

Pakistan’s greatest crisis is the country’s withering leadership

"The root cause of Pakistan’s leadership predicament can be attributed to a single factor – namely the economic and political system left behind by the British – later amended by the US. This system has meticulously cultivated a plethora of civilian and military leaders who were defeated, corrupt and infatuated with the West. In their eagerness to serve western powers – western solutions were relentlessly borrowed and applied to all walks of Pakistani life. The cut and paste mentality was bound to fail, as the adopted solutions were disconnected from the problems of Pakistan and opposed to the beliefs and cultural values coveted by the people. Subsequently, Pakistan witnessed years of turmoil and polarization which has reached a tumultuous climax today."

The ‘Forgotten Population" Needs a Solution

"The situation in Syria is tragic, to say the least. Syrians are braving a monstrous regime that makes no apologies for slaughtering its own. But the Syrians are, in the end, fighting for their country and freedom, just like the Palestinians in Palestine have, for years, fought Israel for their own liberation. Let’s imagine that Bashaar Al Assad’s regime fell tomorrow. The Syrians, in spite of the thousands of deaths, injuries and disappearances they have endured, will rejoice. The Palestinians too will be happy for their Syrian counterparts when the tyrant falls, but that doesn’t mean that their own problems are solved. The refugee problem in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and inside of Palestine deserves a separate and just solution. They are not punching bags for other regimes to pummel. And they should never be forgotten."



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