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Aafia Siddiqui: Victim of American Injustice

Eight years ago one of Pakistan's top female neuroscientist was convicted in an American court of trying to kill US military officers. In a highly...

India’s Media War

An interesting war is going on between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Indian National Congress on social media. This time the Congress seems...

Somalia: The Consequence of a Cooked Constitution

"At this critical juncture, the only way to salvage whatever remains of the Republic of Somalia is to stop the political bleeding. Somalis must unite, regardless of their political persuasion and geographical location and solidify their voices and resources and help Somalia retain her integrity and sovereignty as nation state. History is in the making, and it is time to shape history into more auspicious one for Somalia and her citizens."

For Shalabi, Gaza is Still Home

"No, Shalabi’s deportation does not sit well with any Palestinian because it is unjust, not to mention in complete contravention of international law. [see Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention]. Israel has always acted above every possible law, even its own and this may pan out no differently....But then again, Shalabi is still in Palestine and among her people. And she is alive."

Israel’s war on Jerusalem children :: 1,200 arrested in year ::

"Testimonies collected by the rights groups reveal a pattern of children being arrested in late-night raids, handcuffed and interrogated for hours without either a parent or lawyer being present. In many cases, the children have reported physical violence or threats....Last month 60 Israeli childcare and legal experts, including Yehudit Karp, a former deputy attorney-general, wrote to Mr Netanyahu condemning the police behaviour."



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