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Where Will It All End?

This is Armageddon Summer in the northern hemisphere: out-of-control wildfires all around the Arctic Circle (not to mention California and Greece), weeks-long heatwaves with...

Are the neo-fascists on the rise in Europe?

Fidesz, Hungary’s ruling party, is projected to win in Sunday’s elections with a majority of the 199 seats in the National Assembly. Although with...

Elite Killers Kill At Large For Kidon, Mossad

"...former Bush administration ambassador to the UN John Bolton said on Fox News that the killing of an Iranian scientist and sanctions against Iran constitute only “half-measures in the quest to stunt Iran’s nuclear ambitions”."

US fear and loathing over spy drone

"Washington's insistence on having the drone returned springs from some secret concern over the nature of what the Iranians would glean technologically from the spy drone....Iranian military experts are reportedly in the final stage of extracting information from the drone. The extracted information will be used to sue the United States, an Iranian official says."

U.S. War Rhetoric: The Road to Sedition

"Thanks to the long US-Israeli efforts in demonizing Iran and depicting the country as a global threat, Washington has been able to witness a remarkably lucrative flourish in the war industry and as the effect of Iran threat is being given greater force, the US government will be in a better position to surf on the waves of Iranophobia and reap the benefits of the threat in the form of their enormously lucrative arms sale deals."



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