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Pakistan: Political Curse Needs Urgent Cure

"To safeguard from further collapse and economic and political destruction, Pakistan must be reconnected to its original ideology and purpose of the freedom movement from the colonial rule."

Pakistan – Losing Sight

"Pakistan needs a strategic change and new policy direction disconnecting its affiliation with the US warmongering - a new political system and indeed much desired New Leadership. There is no systematic mechanism to expect this change to come out of the piled up political garbage of the PPP-Generals' administration. The logical way out is the immediate formation of a non-partisan civilian government replacing the Zardari gang, and under new, educated and intelligent leadership providing a breathing space and an opportunity to make the navigational change, out of the prevalent and dangerous political present."

An Ill Wind from Norway

"Could it be that Foxman’s condemnation of Islamophobia is nothing more than a fig leaf to conceal his efforts to counter a more plausible source of anxiety: the growing awareness in the United States and around the world of Zionist criminality? Isn’t the spread of such so-called “anti-Semitism” a more likely cause of the ADL’s concern about “access to extremist ideologies on the Internet”?"

Mideast Turmoil produces calls for Israel to move toward Peace with...

"Those Jewish groups who urge Israel to move toward peace with the Palestinians, reported the March 3 Washington Jewish Week, "say that if Israel does not resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict quickly with a peace deal, the new generation of leaders emerging in the Arab world won't be able to see Israel as anything other than an occupier and repressor of Palestinian rights. Arab commentators echo that thinking."...If ever Israel needed a proper incentive to move toward genuine peace, the current upheaval in the region surely provides it."

State Terrorism in Arakan and the situation of Rohingya Refugees in...

"Rohingyas have become stateless within the state. The military regime has put up two options before the Rohingya people: either to accept a Barman melting pot and become Buddhist, or migration to alien lands. None of Rohingya could agree to an arrangement that compromises their religious identity. The ancestral land, Arakan is dear and sacred to them. The new form of persecution is increasing every day. It is only the return of Democracy that is likely to break the age-old repressive rule of the Barman over the Rohingyas of Myanmar."