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Balfour: the Shame and Dangers of Ignoring Arab Opinion and Rights

In 1919, following the first World War, the victorious Allied Powers met in Paris to remake the world. The prime ministers of Italy, France,...

Libya and Millennium of War

"Although, over 200 sea-launched cruise missiles were expended in the opening days of the now over hundred-day assault against Libya (100 on the first day), the U.S. and its NATO allies will have a plentiful supply, an almost inexhaustible arsenal, of high-speed, long-range guided missiles capable of being equipped with conventional and nuclear warheads for attacks against any nation or combination of nations targeted by the West for regime change, invasion and occupation as was done with Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya over the past 12 years."

Africa: Battleground for NATO’s 21st Century Strategic Concept

"Starting in 2008 NATO has established a permanent naval presence off the Horn of Africa in the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea with Operation Allied Provider, Operation Allied Protector and since 2009 and into the indefinite future Operation Ocean Shield."

Libyan War in Third Week as NATO takes Command

"NATO's first African war, following its first European and Asian wars in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan respectively, will be neither short nor limited in scale and intensity....The new commander of U.S. Africa Command, General Carter Ham, said of the first phase of the war that "We've demonstrated the capability to [lead military operations]."....Now NATO is following suit and escalating the conflict to new and more dangerous heights."

Africa: Global NATO seeks to recruit 50 New Military Partners

"...the world's only military bloc can further expand from one that grew from 16 to 28 members in a decade - 1999-2009 - into one that will become truly international in scope with nearly 100 military partners. Partners and members on every inhabited continent. Two-thirds of the nations in the world."



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