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Changing Syria’s Demography

With the fall of Deraa last Friday, the end of Syria's civil war is within sight. What will Bashar al-Assad and his ruling Ba’ath...

Arab Exodus Again and the Global Wickedness

Is the UN-Global Community working to Protect the Civilians in War Zones? An increasingly frightening trend of crimes against humanity committed in the Syrian war...

Arab Leader’s Shame and the Bloodbath at Ghouta (Syria)

How to Witness the Man-Made Insanity of Civilian Massacres? "Hell on Earth"  - warns the UN Secretary-General to the Security Council of the intensity and...

Islamic State: Is It Over?

Late last month, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, met the leaders of Iran, Turkey and Syria, allegedly to discuss a final peace settlement in the...

American Leadership and Palestine: Dogmatic Challenges to Justice and Humanity

Across the globe, voices of reason are loud and clear that on peacemaking and the issues of Jerusalem, America and Israeli both have lost...



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