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What are they so afraid of?

"Why is Israel so up in arms? It's not like the Palestinians said they would burn down factories or torch settlement homes or anything. The world says settlements are illegal, not just the Palestinians. Most Israelis are not even big fans of settlements, basically because they take up too much tax money and manpower to defend, not to mention the bad rap they give Israel on the international scene."

One Holy Land United with Liberty and Justice for All

"By now, the Palestinians must realize that the never ending peace process, Oslo, the Road Map and the Proximity talks are dead letters that were scribbled to accommodate Israel’s relentless creeping annexation of the West Bank and the Judiazation of Jerusalem. The only way to thwart the Israeli plans is to abandon the two-state solution in favor of a struggle for full citizenship rights and free movement. That is the natural path to Palestinian liberty and it is a path that will quickly gain support from the international community if only because it’s a no-brainer and the only remaining alternative to an apartheid Israeli state."

Islamophobia and the American Presidency

"The Islamophobic discourses underlying the 2008 election weren’t novel or newfangled, but they did reinvigorate dormant or tacit narratives of American nationhood as a domain of restricted access. These narratives of nationhood are replete with nostalgia and the implicit belief that a true American is somebody who is white and Christian. Islamophobia has become an acute element of America’s national identity."

Israel’s Palestinian soldiers :: Army offers false promise of integration ::

"There has also been little attempt to integrate Palestinian soldiers, Dr Kanaaneh said. Segregation between Israel’s Palestinian and Jewish soldiers was strictly enforced until the 1970s, and is still the norm. In addition, the air force and elite combat units continue to exclude Palestinian soldiers."

The media war on Iran

"As soon as the first results were announced, a full-scale war was unleashed against Iran, led by the BBC, but soon joined by others. Even the Arab media, representing such leading lights of democracy as Saudi Arabia and Egypt, started complaining about lack of democracy in Iran. The Saudi-owned al-Arabiya, was the most vocal in its condemnation."