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Analyzing the US endgame in Afghanistan

"Will the Taliban agree this time? They have rejected the presence of any foreign military forces on their soil. They are not alone in opposing this; hundreds of Afghans demonstrated in Kabul against the bases on October 24. A number of regional countries including Pakistan, Iran, Russia and China are also opposed to the idea. Why the Americans cannot grow out of the habit of looking at every issue through the military lens when their military is not even very good at achieving such objectives is beyond comprehension. If they just leave and allow the people to decide their own future without intrusive American presence, even the US would benefit."

Occupy Wall Street Movement and US oligarchy

"A combination of factors - unending wars, a foreign policy managed by Israel, the massive culture of corruption, refusal of the super-rich to pay their fair share of taxes and the loss of America’s manufacturing capacity - have brought the once mighty US economy to its knees. Ordinary Americans including its youth have finally realized who their enemy really is: the Wall Street banksters and executives, hence their movement Occupy Wall Street."

Memoir of a Baltimore Homicide Detective :: Book Review ::

Kelvin Sewell was a member of the Baltimore City Police Department for 22 years. He saw it all and then some. Part of that time, he was a Detective in the Homicide Squad. His absorbing memoir, “Why Do We Kill?: The Pathology of Murder in Baltimore” will inform, educate and also shock the bejaysus out of you. Written with Stephen Janis, this book isn’t for the weak of heart.

WTF?: A Letter to Appalled and Puzzled European Friends

"In the years after the Goldwater debacle, billionaire conservative tycoons bought up mass-media outlets -- book-publishing firms, newspapers, cable news networks, etc. They funded their own think tanks, with their in-house academic types churning out intellectual-sounding arguments. They supported with millions of dollars rightwing student groups on college campuses. They sponsored how-to-win-election workshops for potential candidates. They donated huge amounts to centrist news networks, such as PBS (look at who supports "The News Hour" these days: Chevron, Pacific Life Insurance, Archer Daniels Midlands, et al.), to help dilute the tenor of objective journalism....Liberals, meanwhile, were, as usual, dazed and confused, in denial about what was happening to them and supremely over-confident that their fortress of power was unassailable. A native fascism could never happen in America, they believed, since reason would win out over demagoguery and extremist, authoritarian, Big-Lie politics. Right."

Israel, The Master of Exploitation

"For those Jews who have realized that their faith has fallen hostage to Israel's political ploys, this must feel extremely unfortunate. A loose comparison can be made to Muslim extremists who exploit Islam for unholy objectives. True Muslims who hold the utmost reverence for their religion, can only feel disdain towards those who dare to take advantage of it and carry out crimes in its name. Let us hope however, that Muslims such as these will remain a shunned minority in a sea of rationalism. For Israel, which was born from this unhealthy link between religion and the existence of the state, it is probably too late."