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Palestine’s Economy is in Trouble, But Why?

"What Israel failed to note is its determination to keep the Palestinians in its economic grips and the multitude of ways it has achieved this. Whether we are talking about the restrictions on the import and export of goods, the number of workers Israel employs in its own factories and businesses or the withholding of tax revenues owed to the PA, Israel has always ensured a way of keeping Palestinian economic independence at bay....In the end however, it is not a case of economics. This is only a major byproduct of the fundamental ill, which is Israel’s occupation of Palestine and its control over just about every facet of Palestinian life. We can all understand why Israel’s foreign ministry drafted the report; it is not out of concern for the Palestinians. It is part of Israel’s plan to convince the world that a Palestinian state is not a good idea. What it has not said is that Israel planned this all along, that it has not adhered even to the agreements it signed itself, including the Paris Protocol and that it was never interested in an independent Palestinian economy. It has never been interested in Palestinian independence at all."

Killing Iraqis makes us safer — and other lies

"Killing Osama bin Laden is President Obama's proudest claim, and he uses it in the final words of the State of the Union to bash "politics."  Some of the killers may have been Republicans and others Democrats, he tells us, but they were united in murder.  Yet, if the money were cleaned out of politics, if we had a decent communications system, if good candidates could get on ballots and into debates, if votes were publicly counted on paper at each polling place, if -- in other words -- politics were what we imagine it aspiring to be, then why would we elect people who bash it?  And if we wanted someone who intended to unite with Republicans, why wouldn't we elect a Republican? And if we weren't paralyzed by fear and lies, why wouldn't we want alleged criminals brought to our country and put on trial? After all, we've got a lot of courts and we aren't using them for our own leading criminals."

"SSC" is the Last Hope to bridge Somalia back together

"Somalia is inundated with arms and ammunitions, and anyone with money can buy them to kill and maim the innocent such as women, children, elderly and minorities with impunity. Let there be no mistake, using force to annex these regions is a loose/loose proposition. It will only contribute to more deaths and destruction that could end the relative peace long enjoyed by the people of the north."

A Disturbing and Dangerous Week at the U.N.

"With the U.S. having lost its ability to lead and the Palestinian petition still to be considered, diplomats began scrambling to find a way forward. What followed was as pathetic as it was ironic. At stake was an effort to help the U.S. avoid vetoing the Palestinian submission—since it was feared that a veto would provoke an angry anti-American response in the Arab World. And so we were left with the Europeans appealing to the Palestinians to delay a vote in order to save the U.S. from a veto, so that the U.S. could save face and save Israel from a Palestinian state! Once again, the weakest party was being asked to take the hardest step to save the strongest party from doing what was right—with the result being that Israel emerged isolated, to be sure, but protected and emboldened."

UN bid heralds death of Palestine’s old guard :: New leaders...

"Events at the UN are creating a new clarity for Palestinians, reminding them that there can be no self-determination until they liberate themselves from the legacy of colonialism and the self-serving illusions of the ageing notables who now lead them. The old men in suits have had their day."



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