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Terrorism in Norway – How to avoid it in the future?

"Europe has never been able to shelve its innate Fascistic leaning that has defined much of its history....A more important issue is the growing intolerance across Europe for Muslims and other immigrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Inflammatory political rhetoric is increasingly tolerated not just in Holland, Denmark and France, but across all of Europe and America. Even Asiatic countries like India, Israel, Burma, Thailand and the Philippines are not free from such hateful messages. Look at the sheer number of anti-Muslim books, movies, TV dramas and websites that emerged in the post-9/11 era! And anti-immigrant and anti-Islamic parties are getting stronger notably in northern European countries that have long had liberal immigration policies."

A question of will, not semantics

"Ultimately, the question of peace hinges on whether or not Israel is mature enough to accept a complete end to its illegal occupation in order to allow for the establishment of an actual Palestinian state."

Message from Kashmir is loud and clear: The status quo is...

"India must understand violence is not and cannot be the answer to popular demands for justice, freedom and the right of self-determination. A plebiscite under the United Nations supervision is the only answer to resolve the issue....Time is ripe for the international community to exert pressure on both India and Pakistan to come up with some kind of a road map aimed at achieving a lasting political settlement of the Kashmir issue; moreover, it is time to underline to them that the status quo is simply not an option anymore."

Goldhagen’s insincere attempt to explain eliminationist policy :: Book Review ::

"The book claims to be searing investigation into genocide by a political scientist and public intellectual. Unfortunately, in spite of its large size, the book fails to do a thorough and honest job in identifying genocides of our time, and provides only partial measures to combat the crime. His silence about genocides of our time, especially the decade-long wars of the USA and her allies, the slow but definite eliminationist project in Israel against the indigenous Palestinians, silence about the Rohingya and Uyghur humanitarian crisis where the latter two peoples are subjected to some of the worst forms of eliminationist projects make the book an incomplete one, let alone a hypocritical rendering."

A Twelve Year Plan from a Guy with Two Left

"I don't think discretionary means what he thinks it means. The wars and the military are discretionary. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are not."



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