Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ‘tramples on the UN Charter’ says Japanese Prime Minister

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ‘tramples on the UN Charter’ says Japanese Prime Minister

He noted that the UN has been playing a central role in the development of an international order where the rule of law is firmly established, but also added that its foundation has been gravely shaken.

‘Rule of law, not rule by force’

“We stand at a historic watershed moment,” he continued, stressing: “Russian aggression against Ukraine is an act that tramples on the vision and principles of the UN Charter. What is crucial is for any and all countries to be under the rule of law, not the rule by force, which we absolutely cannot allow.”

Moreover, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which is a permanent member of Security Council, threw the credibility of the UN into question. Calling on Member States to restore the Organization’s credibility he said: “What we need is action toward reforms, not just talk.”

The Japanese leader emphasized that the UN exists not merely for the great Powers, but for the entire international community, founded on the principle of sovereign equality for all Member States, and underlined the need to reform the United Nations and strengthen its functions.

To demonstrate Japan’s strong commitment to the UN as well as to multilateralism, the Prime Minister declared the country’s determination to fully realize the vision of the UN: Reform of the Organization, including the Security Council, to return to the vision and principles of the UN Charter with the strengthening of UN’s own functions, including disarmament and non-proliferation; realization of a United Nations that promotes a rule of law in the international community; and promotion of efforts based on concept of human security in the new era.

A world without nuclear weapons

The Japanese leader denounced the threat of the use nuclear weapons by Russia. A native of Hiroshima, the first city to be attacked by an atomic weapon, Prime Minister Kishida said he is committed to creating a world without nuclear weapons. He also expressed dismay over the failure of the international community to reach consensus on the outcome document that would maintain and strengthen the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) regime, which is the cornerstone of international nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation architecture.

Mr. Kishida added that Japan seeks to normalize the relationship with North Korea in accordance with the Japan DPRK Pyongyang Declaration through comprehensively resolving the outstanding issues of concern such as abductions, nuclear and missile issues, as well as settlement of the unfortunate past.;

He also pledged that Japan would work with the United Nations to realize human security in the new era including initiatives through the UN Trust Funds. In addition, Japan will also continue to invest generously in people. Prime Minister Kishida announced the investment of $30 billion in Africa as a sum of public and private international contributions, over the next three years.

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