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Beijing’s Deplorable Targeting of Uyghur Muslims is an Attack on Islam

No matter how often officials of China deny or refute reports of state-sponsored targeting of Uyghur (also spelled as Uighur) Muslims, the evidence for...

Torontonians still angry a year after G20 summit

"The police had already decided how they were going to treat protesters. Three days before the G20 summit, paralegal Sean Salvati had a run-in with RCMP and Toronto police that he says resulted in him being arrested, beaten, stripped and marched naked in front of a female officer (the scene was captured on police video and obtained by his lawyer through Freedom of Information request). All he did, he says, was make some cheeky remarks to two RCMP officers — and he found himself in an 11-hour ordeal being interrogated about G20 protests that he had nothing to do with....There are no answers from the police or different levels of government. All that the people have had is stonewalling. And they are upset."

Test Hamas intentions separately

"The writing is on the wall: if Israel doesn't take some initiative regarding Hamas, others will, bypassing Israel and conceivably ill serving its interests. Israel currently communicates with Hamas through Egypt's good offices. Yet all Egypt's attempts to mediate a stable ceasefire and a prisoner exchange have failed. Cairo, lest we forget, has its own legitimate interests regarding Hamas--keeping it out of Sinai and away from Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and in general making sure it is Israel's problem, not Egypt's--that its mediating efforts are designed to serve."

Obama gets an F on handling Ahmadinejad’s re-election

"Why the fuss, given that the U.S. did not comment on the results of the recent Lebanese parliamentary elections, in which over a billion dollars was spent to pay for charter flights and free trips for Lebanese in Canada and other countries to go home and vote? Besides, irregularities and election security in every election are common."

Safe Third Country Agreement Update

"The Safe Third Country Agreement severely restricted refugee claimants’ rights in seeking protection in Canada if they first entered the United States. Refugee claimants who first entered Canada first were similarly restricted in the U.S. Refugee advocates argued that the United States was not a safe country for refugees. The Federal Court of Appeal ruling overturning the decision was appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada."



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