Role of a Mujahid

The word mujahid, which is a dread for the West is derived from the Arabic word ‘jahd’ which means struggle or fight. In normal connotation it is fight against evil, because every evil needs some struggle, depending on the severity of the evil to shun it off. So to fight evil is also one of the tenets of Islam and every Muslim thereby is a mujahid because he has to fight against the passions of evil even in his own body and mind.

A Muslims life is a life of crusade throughout. That being so, there are fourteen crores of mujahideens in Pakistan alone, how many of them, the United States wants to be eliminated simply because the West is afraid of the fighting spirit of Musalmans. It is this spirit of being either a Ghazi (victor.) or Shaheed (martyr.) that made it possible for handful of 313 Muslims to defeat an army of one thousand infidels in the famous war of Badar fourteen hundred years ago. This is the power of faith and conviction, which is inborn in the body and soul of every Muslim, be he in Pakistan, Arabia, Africa or China or anywhere else.

President Pervez Musharraf has been saddled by his unfaithful ally with a stupendous task of liquidating the mujahideens from Azad Kashmir. With the above definition and connotation can President Pervez Musharraf do it. The mujahideens in Azad Kashmir are in no way the baby of Pakistan and Pakistan alone. They are the products of the various United Nation resolutions guaranteeing plebiscite in Kashmir fifty years ago. So far as the jihadi organization are concerned, every Musalman wherever he is, is a mujahid and his heart throbs in unison with his brothers in Kashmir, and Gujrat in India, in Palestine and wherever a Musalman exists. How many of them are going to be destroyed in the manner they are being destroyed by United States in Afghanistan and yet Americans have not been able to get hold of their arch criminal é Osama bin Laden. They will never be able to get him. I, for one am prepared to lose anything on the head of Osama bin Laden dead or alive. He is an imaginary foe created for political and economic superiority.

India has been successful in feeding fat their ancient grudge against Pakistan by convincing the Americans that the freedom fighters in Kashmir are not Kashmiris but infiltrators from Azad Kashmir under Pakistan’s hegemony across the line of control, this does not augur well with seven hundred thousand armed might of India stationed in Kashmir. In fact the fighters and martyrs in Kashmir are the Kashmiris alone, over which Pakistan has no control. Pakistan is committed only to lend political and moral support to the Kashmiri struggle – no armed support. It is reported that an Indian delegation is visiting Washington with the photographs of the terrorist camps in Azad Kashmir. Pakistan welcomes the Indian delegation with these photographs around the table, then and only then the chips would be down and black would be black and white would be white. After all when Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee is not prepared to come round a table for talks with General Prevez Musharraf. Why this yatra of his emissary to Washington?

According to criminal law in Pakistan a group of five or more people could be declared an unlawful assembly and so a group of every Musalman could be declared member of an unlawful assembly not only in Azad Kashmir but all over Pakistan. Because every Muslim is a mujahid and they will all fall under the definition of jihadi tanzeem or mujahideens. If this is the desire of the Americans then probably they will have to eliminate more than one billion population of the world because they are Muslims. Can they do it?

Wars are not fought against unknown enemies, as is, being done in the present war against terrorism. Terrorism is done by the weak against the stronger adversary when the weak does not get justice and fair play at the hands of a strong adversary. Discipline does not depend on repression, given fair treatment, avoidance of favoritism and recognition of merit at all levels, and discipline will follow as a matter of course. This is what is missing in our body politics, especially so in the pragmatism of and exploitation by United States of America in their frenzy to attain world supremacy.

He who rules Eurasia will rule the world. It is no denying the fact that there are contenders of power in Eurasia as well. Americans being abjectly a democracy at home can hardly afford to be autocratic abroad and time will prove that they will fail in their attempt to seek world supremacy for all times to come.

Kashmir and Palestine are identical problems which the great international body the United Nation Organisation has failed to solve simply because one may or may not admit but it is a fact that Israel and United States are two sides of the same coin. A separate homeland for the East Timorians has been created under the aegis of UN and the Arabs are still struggling to get the dagger of Israel pulled out of their body.

Kashmiris are not terrorists by any standard but are victims of world apathy and political expediency of the power that are, they are also struggling for the right to freedom guaranteed to them by the UN Security Council resolutions in 1948. It is a sad augury that an American Admiral Chester Nimitz was appointed as the Plebiscite Administrator by United Nation as a follow up to their resolution in 1949, but could not fulfill the promise with Kashmiris and today another American President George Bush calls these freedom fighters as terrorists. The weak turn to terrorism when they do not get their rights of liberty, equality and freedom through peaceful means. Free Kashmiris to exercise their right and Americans will not have the ground to call them terrorist.

When the Prophet (P.B.U.H) went to Mairaj on Buraq at the speed of light @ one hundred eighty six thousands miles per second, he first landed in Jerusalem and there he led prayers of all the Prophets in Masjid-e-Aqsa, thereafter he traveled to the skies and met all the Prophets including Jesus Christ, then he travelled right upto Sidratul Muntha, beyond which Gabriel could not follow because his wings would burn and the Prophet returned on accomplishment of this journey, it is therefore incumbent on the Musalmans of the world to get this Mosque returned to Musalmans, where the Prophet Mohammed offered his first prayers and which is known as Qibla-e-Awal. Mosses is the Prophet of the Jews and I am sure there must be something in their Holy Book Torah about the advent of Islam and Prophet Mohammed.

As the blacks had suffered discrimination in South Africa and America, so have the Arabs suffered in Palestine and Kashmiris in Kashmir, the worst part of it is that all these suffering are for the sons of the soil in their homelands. Nelson Mandela has been able to wrest freedom from the clutches of the Britishers and history will repeat itself in Palestine and Kashmir, when the Arabs and Kashmiris will earn their right in a similar manner.