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Judge Moore and Joseph the Carpenter ain’t the same!

As President Trump is visiting Southeast Asia, another Republican is making the headlines in the US news media. He is Roy S. Moore, a...

The seminar on Assam in Delhi adds fuel to the fire

"State government and several reports have contended that illegal migration in Assam is not as rampant as propagated by a section of anti Muslim group. “Bringing Bangladeshi angle to Assames ethnic conflict is disservice to the nation”, writes V.K. Tripathi, professor of IIT Delhi. Similarly Prof. Ram Puniyani argues, ‘tendentious comments about Bangladeshi immigration fueled violence in Assam.’"

Municipal election fever hits West Bank

"Holding elections at this politically uncertain time is a boost for the Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who seems to have survived last month's protests and will most likely survive the expected departure of the Palestinian leader....The underlying meaning of the potential success of the local elections is that economic and local issues are taking precedence over national and political issues."

Autism, Anger and Aspartame: Casual Connections or a Smoking Gun?

"Independent research scientists (and scientists at one pharmaceutical giant), medical doctors, and various academies have spoken; now it is up to the people to nudge the regulatory agencies into action to protect those who are unable to look out for themselves, especially children and a fetus in the womb."

Post-transitional Political Fault lines

"In spite all threats emanating from these fault lines, reform and transformation campaign that is beyond mere “perception management” must be launched. However, as a fragile state, the post-transitional government would need, among other things, collective vigilance- internally and externally."



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