Politicizing in Pakistan

So far Pakistan has had enough of politicizing not in the interest of the nation and the country but in the interest of the electioneers. Pakistan is passing through a very critical period of its half-century history and now it is high time when politicizing in the country must cease. It is therefore suggested what had been earlier suggested in the days of the movement for restoration of democracy (MRD) during General Ziaul Haq’s regime, that a genuine national government should be formed to work for atleast ten years to put the civil institution back on rail through holding of general elections for national and provincial assemblies every three years.

The President of Pakistan should select at least ten (10) Pakistanis of un-impeachable character, to form his this national government, for next ten year. These ten people should then hold general elections every three years on the basis of adult franchisee and minimum qualification of a candidate should be matriculate. These elected people every three years should form the legislature for the ten-member government at the center. The ten-member government will act according to their programme proposed by the three-year term legislature. After ten years, once the civil institutions are put back on the rail, this national government will hand over complete powers and the new elected government will act on the principle of government of the people, for the people, by the people.

After a decade the ten-member national government will liquidate itself, never to take part in politics again. During the transitory period of ten years no relative or their kith and kin’s of these ten-member government will have any access to the corridors power. The ten-member government will see to it that it works on Transparency and Freedom of Information and builds the confidence of the nation in the ruling elite.

The nation had heaved a sigh of relief on 12th October 1999 and in these columns we had declared un-equivocally that this is the last chance for Pakistan. Fate does not give more chances. It is therefore imperative that General Pervez Musharraf should act on war footing in every sphere of life, every hour of the nation is 140 million hours and must not be utilized complacently. Every able bodied person should work to produce and be a useful citizen of the country, so that the nation can take pride in them and stand with head high in the comity of nations.

Elections or no elections. Good governance is the call of the hour and for that it has to be ensured that a good constitution is presented to the nation, it has already been pointed out in these columns that there has been enough of the rape of constitutions in Pakistan, the nation can not afford more sin and crime in this direction. 1973’s constitution is also not the holy book, it has been proved beyond any shadow of doubt that parliamentary form is unsuited to the genesis of Musalmans. Democracy in the form of a President of Pakistan who is also the Chief Executive with no Prime Minister to share power with him and consequently intrigue against him, is the need and call of time, let us do that and do not go about writing columns and columns about the proposed amendments and adherence to a constitutional democracy without considering the requirements of Pakistan, they are just a waste of paper, waste of time and waste of energy.

Let us introduce a ten-member national government at this stage and leave it to them and the elected legislature to transform our democratic system of government into a presidential form of government, which is more suitable to the genesis of Pakistanis and Musalmans.

Reference may also be made to a very laudable article of Mr. Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi published in daily Urdu Jang of 3rd July 2002. Do not rely much on the consensus of the politicians who have doomed Pakistan to this day, the nation hates politicians, their only qualification is that they do not have any character and any scruples or any conscience, each one of them has a price tag on him, they are saleable articles. Let us not buy these wasteful people any more for the purposes of hoarse trading.

Nation building desire is every Pakistanis wish, how to do it, is a million dollar question, action is required leaders are not made but great leaders are born out of the ashes of war torn nation, we should therefore not be afraid of the looming threats on our borders and so-called challenge to our economy, we can live and survive much better without any foreign aid and programme. Let us put off the foreign cloak for all times to come and be an independent country in the real sense of the word, self reliance and economic prosperity will only come once we embark upon this programme sincerely and honestly. After all there are countries in the world that live and survive without the American aid and become beggar thy neighbour.

Crusade or no crusades, Musalmans of the world are the target of the fundamentalist Christians and the Jews. Let us remember that a Jew is always a fundamentalist and never a liberal and the sad part is that he controls the Super Power. If left to the Arabs only the result of the Yum Kipper War would have been much different than what it turned out to be. The Musalmans have to take a lesson from this fact of history, we must therefore stop politicizing our institutions for the pleasure of the West. And distinguish between friends and foes, our foes also include our friends with pragmatic policies, and they have no scruples.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.