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Will Khashoggi’s demise at least help end the Yemen war?

The debate about the forensic aspect of the Saudi murder has been exhaustive and repetitive. It is time to change the focus. Riyadh is not...

Is it the End of the American Century?

"The US debt may be short term in the scale of things. It has plenty of spare capacity having one of the lowest levels of taxation. A country with vast natural resources and continues to lead the world in innovation and technology. Many multinationals have grown from the entrepreneurship of individuals with foresight and very little capital. The US can balance the books and maintain its leadership....The American century may be receding, but it has certainly not vanished from the radar."

Broader than party politics

"...the dangerous radicalization in Israel-- evident in extreme right-wing political positions, aggressive practices vis-a-vis the occupied territories, settlement expansion, and publicly-stated racist tendencies--are encouraging the United States to remain closely involved. Ultimately, it seeks to control deterioration and encourage progress in negotiations and hopefully an agreement that will bring about an end to the occupation and, consequently, much-anticipated peace and security."

Palestinians are Not Just About the Occupation

"...if you look hard enough and in the right places, you will find that Palestine and the Palestinians are more than the political masks they are forced to wear. We are people who appreciate a good poetry reading, a good novel, a concert, a symphony or a play. We are a people who will most definitely observe the holy month of Ramadan just like centuries past. But that does not stop us from enjoying the after-dusk celebrations, from going to a dance performance and from allowing ourselves, even if momentarily, to escape from the darker side of our reality."

The road to South America

"Most Arabs do not actually make a real effort to rediscover this continent and to understand the common links between the Arab civilization and the native civilizations of the continent. This is something difficult to understand. Is it the intellectual and cultural colonization of the Arabs which prevents them from communicating with those who identify with their causes; or is it rather the lack of insight and vision at a time that the thing Arabs most urgently need is the right vision and the right decision at the right time?...Arabs should not hesitate to take the decision. They should go to South America to see for themselves what Western settler colonialism did to the native peoples and their civilization, in order to re-read and understand what is happening in their region today, and to understand Western plans which target them all in terms of their language, thought, existence and future, whether they knew the fact or persisted in ignoring it."



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