Open letter to Jews in Palestine


To begin with, I’d like to state in unequivocal terms that I genuinely sympathize with Israeli “civilians” who are inadvertently killed by Palestinians who in turn are desperate to let the world know of Israeli atrocities and Nazi-like treatment of the Palestinians.

At the personal level, the pain and tears of the families and friends of the victims are no less genuine than the pain and tears of hundreds of Palestinian families who have fallen victim to Ariel Sharon’s bloody rampage that has been going on for nearly a year, and God knows when it will come to an end.

Humans are humans; they react similarly when calamity strikes. A bereaved Jewish mother’s pain is no less and no more real than that of a bereaved Palestinian mother’s pain.

Our dear neighbours and oppressors: I fully agree with you that the urban bombings Palestinians are forced to carry out against you are horrible, shocking and extremely ugly. However, it is true that they are also inevitable and inescapable, thanks to your government’s and army’s equally horrible, shocking and extremely ugly actions against our people, including children.

These actions, needless to say, made the bloodshed that was and the bloodshed to be inevitable and inescapable.

Let us be honest about this; the human-bomb attack that took place on King George Street was gruesome and even barbaric in a textual sense (you can understandably use all the nasty labels in all the lexicons to describe the tragedy), but it was also of your own making.

When your army so impetuously, so callously and so brazenly created a calamity (or two) in every Palestinian household, a boomerang effect was inevitable, and only imbeciles (and you are not reputed, God forbid, for stupidity) would have calculated that the tormented Palestinians would turn the other cheek. They wouldn’t and they won’t.

You, the Jews or Zionists (whatever you like to be called) have narrowed our horizons so much that you have made us feel that only two “choices” are available to us; either to die as suicide bombers or be slaughtered as sheep.

Therefore, I can dare say that blood of the “personally innocent victims” of the bombing is primarily on the hands of Sharon, Benalizer, Peres and other members of your diabolic government of assassins and war criminals.

Open your eyes! A government that sends its murderers, whether humans or machines, to murder people without charge, without trial, without arrest, without questioning, without anything, is not a “government,” but a gang, for it is the mafia gangs that liquidate opponents through assassinations.

And, honestly, how, do you think, the Palestinians should have reacted to your unabated rampage of murder and terror, especially after you used the F-16s and the Apaches against a defenseless and essentially unarmed people?

Shame on you for tormenting and terrorizing and seeking to enslave a small nation, already decimated by 33 years of demonizing military occupation, an occupation which all the languages of the world can’t communicate its evils. Your behaviour in the last ten months has been an affront to civilization and an insult to many of the lofty principles that you falsely claim to be part of your value system.

Your brutality, savagery, criminality, impetuousness, hypocrisy, mendacity and insolence defy linguistic description.

You, as Harry Truman once said, are like all underdogs; when you get on the top, you become as merciless and brutal to your new victims as your former oppressors were to you when you were underneath.

Our dear neighbours, why wasn’t there any uproar in Israel when your criminal soldiers murdered Muhammed Durra before the eyes of the world? And, now, we have hundreds of Muhammed Durras!

You didn’t even have the moral courage to say sorry. When will you ever say “sorry?” Perhaps when Kosher pigs fly!

Your eyes didn’t blink at the daily funerals in the streets of Gaza and the West Bank; your hearts didn’t ache, nor did your minds experience any compunction, because the poor kids belonged to the wrong tribeéthey were children of a lesser God. Or, as your former Prime Minister Barak said, “Their dead are mere numbers; ours are stories.” Numbers and stories! And snakes, ants, cockroaches and what have you!

Our dear neighbours: you are condemned, first and foremost, for electing a war criminal to be your Prime Minister, whose hands are drenched in the blood of the innocent. Could it be that you elected him on that account?

You are also condemned for your gleeful support of the killing, maiming and wounding of tens of thousands of Palestinians whose only “crime” is their desire to be free from your slavery. (Is desiring freedom from slavery so great a crime in your thinking that the desirees ought to be put to death?)

And all these homes that you destroyed and the people you made homelesséand all the trees and habitats you obliterated with your satanic bulldozers! Don’t you know that your holy book, the Torah, contains clear injunctions against destroying trees even in time of war?

You once prided yourself, rightly or falsely, on having turned the desert into a verdant bloom. Now, after the shame you have perpetrated, you can boast of having turned the previously blooming Palestinian orchards, vineyards and fields into a desert.

Maybe, just maybe, you will start to have some “hishbon nefesh” or soul-searching; maybe you will start to view your neighbours as full human beings created by the same God; maybe, just maybe, you will begin to respect the life and property of the non-Jew as you do those of Jews.

Maybe, just maybe, you will start to understand that occupation is wrong, apartheid is wrong, oppression is wrong, and, yes, Zionism is wrong.

I won’t give you the benefit of the doubt. I would be an idiot if I did. But remember this, the ball is in your court, and until you begin to view us as humans, with equal human and legal rights, I’m absolutely sure that still much more young blood, on our side (and yours) will still be spilled. What else can moral blindness lead to?